​Studio 20 Los Angeles

Hollywood, Los Angeles, California has long been recognized as the global center of the entertainment industry. With the nickname “Tinseltown,” a landmark like the Hollywood Sign, the Walk of Fame monument, with stars that are a permanent public recognition of achievement in entertainment, and as a host to some of the best parties and events in the world, such as the Oscars, it will continue to hold this distinction. Now, as the webcam industry is growing in international prominence, it marks the perfect time to merge the two worlds and introduce Studio 20 Hollywood!  With over 17 years of experience in the live cam industry, along with constant investment…

1253 Vine Street #15, Los Angeles, California 90038



Bucharest Victory Square Studio

Studio 20 opened the second location for live cam in February 2015, in Victoriei Square, only a year after the launch of its first office on Bucharest, in the Gara de Nord area. In terms of space, Studio 20 Bucharest Victoriei is the largest live cam studio in our country, with over 700 square meters in two sections of Victoriei Business Center office building. One of them overlooks Piata Victoriei and the other to Buzesti Street. The 20 workspaces in the new live cam location spread over a generous area of ​​over 25 meters each. Because we focus on the diversity of scenery, we have both romantic bedroom, and libraries, kitchen, offices and shower, where live private…

Calea Victoriei, No. 155, section 7, 1st Floor, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

004 0724.777.757 | 004 0748.777.757 | 004 0761.777.757


Studio 20 Bucharest Union Square

Studio 20 is undoubtedly the best cam studio in the world! Its performance being confirmed by numerous awards won at international live cam festivals and also by the fabulous income earned by our top webcam models that exceed 10,000 dollars per month. The success of this cam studio oversteped the borders of Romania and prompted us to open a new location in Los Angeles, USA, in the summer of 2016 and a new cam studio in Bucharest, in Union Square, this fall. This new location is in the City Business Center building and has no less than 35 rooms, making it the largest cam studio in the world. The space, which measures 1,500 square meters, is divided into themed bedrooms where…

City Business Center, Nerva Traian Street no. 3, 5th floor, sector 3, Bucharest, postal code 031041

004 0769 659 000


​Studio 20 North Station – Male Webcam Models

Are you over 18 years old, do you speak English and want to put out your masculinity? Do you want to have financial power so that you won’t have to worry about your future? Do you want a professional and luxurious working environment? Then, come and work as a male webcam model for Studio 20, the best cam studio in the world! Our cam studio offers you everything you need for succeeding as a male webcam model. You are welcomed here no matter if you're a top male model with a well-defined body or an absolutely normal guy. The important thing is to have a neat and pleasant appearance, and an optimistic attitude. Muscles are a plus when you’re a male webcam model,…

Atelierului Street, No. 20, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania, Postal Code: 010848

004 0721.201.564


Studio 20 Cluj Napoca

Studio 20 Cluj Napoca is the first cam studio opened outside Bucharest, Romania and at the same time the first Studio 20 franchise. The cam girls who work here benefit from very good working conditions and a friendly atmosphere. The new cam studio has a modern and pleasant look and is located on two floors in a central area of ​​Cluj, near Regina Maria medical clinic. This is the third location opened in Romania after the two ones in Bucharest, in the North Station area (2014) and Victory Square area (2015). Because our cam studio values ​​the diversity of scenery, at the new location in Cluj you can find themed bedrooms, a library, a kitchen, a shower or common…

Louis Pasteur Street, No. 24, city Cluj-Napoca, county Cluj, Romania

004 0724 773 477 | 004 0756 773 477


Studio 20 Timisoara

Studio 20 Timisoara is the second cam studio opened outside Bucharest, after the one in Cluj-Napoca, which has become a success in just 6 months after opening. The new cam studio in Timisoara enjoys an exceptional location right downtown. Access is extremely easy at any time, directly from Marasti Square. The cam studio features a fabulous design, meant to create a story from which you can hardly detach. The sets are magical and stand out through diversity, luxury, creativity and comfort. They are designed to easily translate members in their own fantasies. The new cam studio offers 20 unique rooms and generous seating space. The sets are themed rooms so your artistic shows…

Marasti Square (Doinei Entry, no. 19-21, 1st floor), city Timisoara, county Timis, Romania

004 0724 221 944


​Studio 20 Craiova

The best cam studio in the world has arrived in Oltenia! Studio 20 has enriched its portfolio with a new location, located right in the center of Craiova. Webcam models eager for an international career, a payout up to $ 10,000 per month and numerous awards at film festivals, can contact us for webcam jobs at our newest cam studio in Craiova! The success of Studio 20 in other cities in Romania (Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj) and abroad, in Los Angeles, inspired us to expand our network of cam studios. We are a live cam company in continuous development and due to the increasing number of job applications, we decided to open a new office in the center of Oltenia, just 500 meters…

Imparatul Traian Street, No. 100, Craiova City, Dolj County, Romania, Postal Code: 200566

004 0733 479 459


Studio 20 Oradea

Studio 20 has arrived in Oradea! The best cam studio in the world has opened a new location in the norther part of Romania, in Bihor county. If you want an international career that brings you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month, you can contact us! This is the nineth cam studio from Studio 20`s network, which includes the most important cities in Romania (Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova), Los Angeles, California, US and Santiago de Cali, Columbia. The building is located in a central area and is divided into 14 themed rooms where the webcam models can perform their work in the best conditions. They take advantage the latest technology available along…


(+4) 0723 082 338


​Studio 20 Cali Columbia

Studio 20's vision of development exceeded the borders of Romania. The best live cam studio in the world opened lst year it's first US location in Los Angeles, the capital of the American entertainment industry. After North America came South America, Studio 20 launched its first video chat studio in Columbia, more specific in Santiago de Cali, the third city of size after Bogota and Medellin. Santiago de Cali is one of the first cities founded in America after its discovery by Cristofor Columb. At this moment, Cali is one of the main economical, cultural and industrial centers of the country and the main urban center of the Columbian South-East. Cali is known as…

Columbia, Cali

(+57) 305 378 9341


Studio 20 Ploiesti

Studio 20, the best cam studio in the world, opened a new location in Ploiesti, Romania. Our company continues its development plan in Romania and abroad. After opening this cam studio in Ploiesti, we will open 3 more locations in Brasov, Romania, Czech Republic and in Colombia. Young girls who want to become a professional and succeed at it, alongside an internationally renowned brand, are welcome to apply for one of the jobs offered in our Ploiesti cam studio or in the rest of our locations. You will have the opportunity to earn up to $10,000 a month, but also to travel around the world, make your dreams come true and buy a house and a car in just a few years of activity.…


(+4) 0734.412.290


Studio 20 Brasov

Young girls who want to become successful webcam models can now do so at the new cam studio in Brasov, Studio 20. The renowned franchise inaugurates its 11th location, after opening 3 locations in Bucharest and 7 more in Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Craiova, Ploiesti, Los Angeles and Cali (Colombia). After opening the cam studio in Brasov, Studio 20 will open new locations in Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic) and Miami (United States) in 2017. Surely you want everything that's best for you: a legal and stable job, great earnings, a flexible work schedule, a friendly and comfortable environment where you will find everything you need to do your job right,…

Branduselor Street no 84, 4th floor, Brasov, Brasov county, Romania, postal code 500397

(+4) 0744 653 477



Webcam Modeling Jobs

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Studio 20 Columbia:

  • Calle Columbia, Cali
  • +57 3053789341
  • contact@studio20.live

Studio 20 Los Angeles:

  • 1253 Vine Street #15, Los Angeles, California 90038
  • (+1) 800 895 2052
  • contact@studio20.live

Studio 20 Bucharest Union Square:

  • City Business Center, Nerva Traian Street no. 3, 5th floor, sector 3, Bucharest
  • (+4) 0769 659 000
  • angajari@studio20.ro

Studio 20 Timisoara:

  • Marasti Square (Doinei Entry No. 19-21, 1st floor), Timisoara, Timis County, Romania
  • (+4) 0724 221 944
  • timisoara@studio20.ro

Studio 20 Craiova:

  • Imparatul Traian Street, no 100, Craiova, Dolj County, Romania
  • (+4) 0733 479 459
  • craiova@studio-20.ro

Studio 20 Brasov:

  • Branduselor Street no. 84, 4th floor Brasov, Romania, Postal Code 500397
  • (+4) 0744 653 477
  • angajari@studio20.ro

Studio 20 Bucharest Victoriei:

  • Calea Victoriei, No. 155, section 7, 1st Floor, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
  • (+4) 0724 777 757 | (+4) 0748 777 757
  • victoriei@studio20.ro

Studio 20 Cluj Napoca:

  • Louis Pasteur Street No. 24, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, Romani
  • (+4) 0724 773 477 | (+4) 0756 773 477
  • angajari.cluj@studio-20.ro

Studio 20 Bucharest North:

  • Atelierului Street No. 20, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
  • (+4) 0761 777 757
  • angajari@studio20.ro

Studio 20 Oradea:

  • Calle Sucevei, Oradea, Romania
  • (+4) 0723 082 338
  • oradea@studio-20.ro

Studio 20 Ploiesti:

  • Romana Street no. 28-30, 3th floor, Ploiesti, Romania, Postal Code 10038
  • (+4) 0734 412 290
  • angajari.ploiesti@studio20.ro