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Company Staff

Company Staff

We are a young, serious, and united online modeling team. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure your support and understanding, whenever you need it.

Given that a person spends a lot of time at work, perhaps more than with family and friends, it is very important for them to be surrounded by optimistic, confident, and united people. At Studio 20, you will meet a young and continually available team to provide you with the necessary support and information you need for online modeling. You’ll enjoy harmonious relationships, help, and understanding, which build the framework for this to be a fruitful activity. It is necessary to treat the online modeling job with seriousness and respect, to become a successful webcam model.

15-20 people in each Studio 20 location strive daily for you to have the optimal conditions for doing your job. Our cam studio team is divided into eight departments:

1. Management Department
It’s formed by a CEO and studio managers who ensure that the entire team works to benefit the webcam models.

2. Training Department
This is the most important job as it helps models accumulate useful information to make their job easier. At least four female trainers work in each Studio 20 office. They are previous webcam models who were successful over a long period of time and now they share their experience with the new webcam models. They will explain to you what to do, how you should talk to the modeling website's members, and how to adapt to each website in order to make the most money.

3. Technical Support Department
The four members of this department ensure the quality and proper functioning of the equipment used for the live sessions between webcam models and clients. They take care that the models that work for Studio 20 have the best ratings, traffic, video and audio on all the websites we work with. With the help of these qualified individuals, who have the benefit of a lot of experience in the online modeling area, any problem can be immediately solved.

4. Human Resources Department
It’s the first department that you will have contact with at Studio 20. Our associates will show you the cam studio, they will clarify the duties of this job and will explain the role of each person in connection with the administrative team. You can ask them any question you have, and they will guide you step by step in order for you to understand exactly what the online modeling job is about.

5. Finance /Administrative Department
This department ensures the transparency and fairness of Studio 20. From the first day at our cam studio, you’ll sign a contract, which complies with legislation and which specifies the rights and obligations of both parties, the money you earn, percentages, fees, and payment details. The Finance Department will give you a copy immediately after signing the contract. In addition, you will receive an addendum at each payment (which will be twice a month), which will clearly specify how much money you earned on each online modeling website with which we collaborate, the percentage that you will receive and all taxes withheld, what each of them means and what is the final amount that you receive.

6. Artistic Department
Our studio provides female professional photographers and videographers, for you to be more relaxed during the shootings. With their help, your profile on online modeling websites will look flawless, so you can impress your members with your photo and video gallery.

7. Styling and Relaxation Department
For you to keep looking great every working day in the online modeling industry, a makeup artist will take care of your image. Whatever style you want to adopt (natural, sophisticated or elegant), you'll always have a neat appearance, which will give you self-confidence. If you feel feminine and beautiful, others will perceive you this way. In addition, you'll benefit from the fitness equipment and the services of a masseuse for a moment of relaxation and pampering. 

8. Cleaning Department
When you have a properly maintained office, you love coming to work. Cleanliness, order and freshness make you love your workplace so you can concentrate on tasks, to achieve the desired results in online modeling. The ladies from the cleaning department take daily care that everything is flawless and you enjoy an excellent environment.

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40 hours a week and we are in Hollywood

Liliana jones


Hi I am interested on working webcam modeling. Two things I want to know how many day a week I have to work how much it's the pay. I leave in West Covina California how far it's the studio from my house. Thank you


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