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Welcome to the newest Studio 20 cam studio in Hungary! Because we want to constantly expand and succeed, we're announcing that in 2017 Studio 20 is opening a new location in Budapest, at Duna Plaza. With a 550 square meter space and 16 themed rooms, this new cam studio has the same standards of luxury and elegance as all the other Studio 20 locations.

A relaxing environment, where comfort blends with modern design elements and the constant investment make Studio 20 Hungary the best place for a young woman who wants a successful career. With an experience in this field of over 17 years, we are systematically trying to go beyond our limits to take this cam studio to the highest heights of success.

We are proud of the fact that we are 100% legal. This way, we can offer aspirants the career and the earnings they only dreamed of. We have a dedicated, professional staff, for whom the motto "We excel together!" is their everyday motivation.

Here are the benefits that you will have as a model for the newest cam studio in the franchise, Studio 20 Hungary:

1. Safety and legality
Given that this area is regulated, Studio 20 Hungary offers you a completely legal artist-performer contract, from your first day as a webcam model for this cam studio. Also, every two weeks, you will sign and receive an addendum, in which are mentioned all the details of your activity in that period of time.

2. Personal trainer and permanent technical support
After signing the contract, any model working for Studio 20 Hungary will have at her disposal a dedicated trainer, who will teach her all the tricks of this job. You will attend free individual English, general knowledge, and make-up courses, that will help you become a true master of seduction.

In addition to experienced trainers, at the best cam studio in Hungary, Studio 20, you will have constant technical support, hairstylists, make-up artists, photographers and video editors who will help you be in the best shape and increase your monthly earnings.

So if you want to take the first steps in the world of adult entertainment, our experts will always be there for you to provide you with all the necessary support, which will help you achieve your goals.

3. Transparency and stability
Studio 20 is a company with over 17 years experience in this field, which offers stability and financial security to any model that is eager to work for this cam studio and to have a successful career. Here, you can earn up to $25,000 per month! If it seems too good to be true, you can ask to see the proof of these fabulous earnings when you come for the job interview and you will see with your own eyes that they`re true!

4. Excellent conditions and financial support
We want you to have the best of everything at this cam studio in order to fulfill your goals, so we provide you with modern and varied themed rooms, luxuriously decorated with style, modern equipment, and relaxation spaces. Moreover, you will receive financial support for completing the make-up kit and the work wardrobe.

5. Promotion, marketing, and a high guaranteed traffic
If you want to become a true star of this industry, our marketing team can turn you into a world-renowned model that has fabulous earnings not only from chat but also from affiliate programs and personal sites.

With a budget of over $100,000 a month, all models working for Studio 20 Hungary receive, by rotation, dedicated traffic. Thus, more than 300,000 visitors are redirected daily to new models, so they can have substantial revenues and so they can reach their financial goals.

6. Jasmine Gold Certification
Studio 20 is the world's first and only Jasmine Gold certified cam studio in the world, which translates into preferential conditions for all of our models, higher earnings, permanent dedicated support and many other benefits.

7. Recognition and reward of your merits
We reward your loyalty and appreciate your efforts and all the work you are doing at this cam studio, so we will give you constant bonuses. Webcam models employed at Studio 20 Hungary will be eligible for cumulative bonuses, which are added to the 50% gross standard commission as follows:
- 2% if you stay online more than 90 hours during that period;
- 5% if you stay online more than 100 hours during that period;
- 5% if your income exceeds $10,000 during that period;
- 5% if you stay in our cam studio`s team for 12 months without interruption - At the end of 12 months of continuous activity at this cam studio, you`ll become eligible for a loyalty bonus, which is added to the commission. These bonuses can be cumulated (except for the first two), so any model can get a commission of up to 65%!

8. Glamor approach
At Studio 20, the biggest cam studio in Hungary, the models have the opportunity to do adult, nonadult or glamor online modeling. This means you don't have to undress in front of the webcam and you can make money just by using intelligence and personal charm.

9. Fast loans without interest directly from the employer
After 6 months in this cam studio`s team, you will be able to access fast loans with no interest directly from Studio 20. You will have to bring at least 20% of the sum, and we will come with the rest. You`ll pay back the money you owe in monthly installments from the earnings you make on cam sites.

If you want to have a career in this industry, set clear goals and have the mentality of a winner! Be ambitious and we will help you reach your true potential! So don`t miss this chance and join Hungary`s biggest cam studio, Studio 20! Set up an interview with one of our representatives and you will see with your own eyes what it is like to be a top webcam model. We're waiting for you with open arms!

Váci út street, no 178, Duna Pláza, 1138, Budapest

(+36) 709 440 025

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Hello. My name is Teodora i was working as a cam model more than 4 years. Att moment Im working as a webcam model coach in Sofia Bulgaria. I plan to move out from my country and im looking for different options working legal as a webcam girl.Can u send me more details about conditions working for your studio. Thank u very much in advance. Greetings Tedi


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