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Do you want to have financial stability, so you won’t have to worry about your future? Do you want to work in a professional and luxurious environment? Do you want to buy your own car and your own apartment in just 2-3 years? Then join Studio 20`s team now and work for the best live cam studio in the online modeling industry!

The new location opened in Bucharest is designed only for male webcam models. The studio has 15 unique, modern and luxurious rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.  

Studio 20 is a worldwide famous live cam studio, with over 17 years experience in the online modeling industry. Also, Studio 20 is the first live cam studio franchise in the world to receive Gold level Jasmin certification. This means you`ll have preferential conditions, 24/7 dedicated support and other benefits that translate into more money.

We will give you all the help you need in order for you to thrive and achieve your financial goals. It doesn`t matter if you're a top male model with a well-defined body or a normal guy with a regular look. The important thing is to have a pleasant appearance and an optimistic attitude. Muscles are a plus when you’re a male webcam model, but the most important aspect is your personality.

The most successful male webcam models in the online modeling industry are regular-looking guys, so you don’t need to worry too much if you are not a gym person. Concentrate on being cheerful, optimistic, sexy and carefree.  A male webcam model who learns to communicate and who has a vast general knowledge base can be very interesting for the members. They want to know they are listened to and understood, so it is very important to know how to communicate with all of them.

Also, you should realize that a successful career is built over time, with effort and dedication. Male webcam models succeed in the online modeling industry only by persevering and by establishing bold financial goals.

It`s not easy to become a successful male webcam model, but it`s absolutely possible if you choose to work for Studio 20. With the right attitude and with the help of our team of experts, you can reach your financial goals and you can make your dreams come true!

Studio 20 is the only live cam studio in Romania dedicated only for male webcam models. Here are the most important benefits we`ll offer you, man:

- The chance to work in a law-abiding live cam studio. On your very first day, you`ll sign a legal artist-performer contract, in which all your rights and obligations are stated;
- Flexible schedule, with morning, afternoon and night shifts;
- Maximum confidentiality;
- Recognition of your hard work through bonuses and awards. Webcam models of both sexes employed at all Studio 20 live cam studios will be eligible for cumulative bonuses, which is added to the 50% gross standard commission as follows:
- 2% if a model is online more than 90 hours during that period;
- 5% if a model is online more than 100 hours during that period;
- 5% if the income exceeds $ 10,000 in that period of time;
- 5% if you are in the live cam studio`s team for a full year (12 months) without interruptions.
These bonuses can be cumulated (except for the first two, of course), so any model can earn a commission of up to 65%! In order to qualify for all these bonuses, you need a positive attitude, a strong motivation, a nice physical appearance and a good knowledge of the English language.
- A luxurious, modern and diversified working environment;
- Individual courses with the best team of trainers in the online modeling industry. If you want to be part of our team, you don`t need any previous experience in the online modeling industry.  Once you get accepted,  you`ll receive your own dedicated trainer, who will teach you every trick in the book for the next 5 days.
- Modern equipment and 24/7 technical support;
- Extra promotion and marketing (only if you want it). If you want to be a renowned male webcam model, Studio20 will help you become a star of the online modeling industry!
- High guaranteed traffic. With a marketing budget of over $ 100,000 per month, the models in all Studio 20 live cam studios receive dedicated traffic. Thus, more than 300,000 visitors are sent daily to our models so that they never stay in the chat room for free without having anyone to work with. They also benefit from dedicated traffic thanks to our exclusive LiveJasmin partner.
- Easy access to fast loans with no interest.

All male webcam models who work for Studio20 benefit of a work environment which helps them achieve financial prosperity and a high social status. In just two or three years, you can earn enough money in order to buy the car of your dreams, your own apartment and visit the most exotic destinations. At the same time, you’ll become more confident and you will be able to seduce any type of member, no matter their personality type.

Contact a Studio 20`s  representative today and schedule an interview at the best live cam studio in the world! Your successful career in the online modeling industry starts with us!

Atelierului Street, No. 20, 1st District, Bucharest, Romania, Postal Code: 010848

(+4) 0721 201 564


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