Studio 20 Iasi

This studio is luxurious and extravagant, simply surpassing the expected look of a cam studio. Every room inside Studio 20 Iasi is specially themed, carefully crafted, including the classic queen bedroom as well as a police station and even a Jacuzzi themed room. Therefore, members' any wish, regardless of how unusual they are, can be fulfilled. The rooms of Studio 20's cam studio from Iasi are designed to ensure the potential to make any desire come to life, but also to give our webcam models a soothing atmosphere and environment, in which they can work while feeling secure.

Thanks to the way Studio 20 Iasi is designed and by the contribution of our team of professionals and our webcam models who are extremely well trained, we obtained a lot of significant awards at international festivals, with models that make over $10,000 per month and named "Studio of the Year" in 2015 and 2016 in Las Vegas, but also with many awards obtained in Prague and Mamaia. Apart from the courses which help every beginner webcam model, Studio 20 Iasi gives full support to its employees, through individual English courses and make-up courses, all to help them in their activity, for them to have fun while at work and to obtain the best results possible for the biggest cam studio in the world.

Since we wish to make great things together, the Iasi cam studio is waiting for everyone who wants to have a fulfilling career in a legal cam studio. The location was carefully chosen as it is easily reachable for the models who want to work here. And since Studio 20 is such a big brand in the online modeling industry not only in Romania, but internationally, we always want to become greater and make our services better, so our models can take advantage of this, both in terms of money, and image. We will make every model a portfolio, completely free, with professional photo shootings, so they can express their charm and sex appeal more powerfully.

Inside Studio 20 Iasi, you will be guaranteed complete safety and constancy since we are the biggest cam studio in the world, with over 17 years of experience. Our locations span over 3 continents - Europe, North America, and South America and we will most certainly not disappear during the next few months or years, like most cam studios in Romania and not only do.

When it comes to your monthly payments, Studio 20 Iasi ensures you an income of at least $1,000 per month during the first 3 months of activity. Our webcam models from this cam studio will receive this monthly pay no matter what their online performances are during the first three months. This minimum wage will not be taken into consideration if our webcam models manage to make more money. So, if you wish to earn at least $1,000 per month and lead a calm life, with no financial and legal problems, you should come at Studio 20 Iasi, one of the locations of the biggest legal non-adult cam studios in the world.

Furthermore, you are entitled to a cumulative bonus of anywhere up to 65% of total earnings! The standard bonus is 50%, but others can be added depending on your performances in our cam studio in Iasi, such as:
– 2% if you are online for more than 90 hours during this time;
– 5% if you are online for more than 90 hours during this time;
– 5% if your wage is more than $10,000 during this time;
– 5% if you stay in our team for a full 12 months.
The first two bonuses cannot be cumulative!

Another fact that will make you more certain of your increased earnings, according to your degree of participation in this cam studio, is the fact that you will have very high traffic on our partner sites. Studio 20 offers its webcam models over 300,000 visitors per day thanks to our mutual partnership with Live Jasmin and a marketing poll of over $100,000 monthly. The webcam models from our Iasi cam studio won't have to wait for tens of minutes on free chat with no members in the room.

Therefore, Studio 20 is one of the only cam studios in the world that can ensure you will earn up to 25,000 per month! During the interview or after you start working for us, you can query us about our models' earnings. We will show you how much Devious Angel, Sasha Red or Raquelle Diva make - they are our top divas.

Fairness and acting legally are the most important aspects after which we guide in this cam studio. From day one of your activity at Studio 20 Iasi, you will be given to sign a legal artist-interpreter contract with Global Broadcasting Producer and you can take a copy home right away. Global Broadcasting Producer, an international body, will take care of promoting you and providing you the traffic you need to grow and evolve, as well as all necessary training and the professional equipment needed for performance. After that, when you will start the training, you will be handed the regulation of internal order, which is 100% straight forward and also put on the website of this cam studio. After that, once every two weeks, when you collect your income, you will have to sign an additional act which contains all the info regarding all financial aspects: how much cash you received from each site, the total sum, your fee, each paid tax (CAS , CASS, income tax) and the net amount, which will be transferred directly to your Romanian bank account, as a result of your work for this cam studio in Iasi.

Furthermore, by working as a webcam model at this cam studio in Iasi, you will have a personal trainer from whom you will learn, in only 5 days, all you have to know about managing your emotions in front of the camera. If you want it, you can increase your period of training for as much as you want, without any problem, until you feel confident to perform inside this cam studio. Remember that you will have our permanent support if you work at Studio 20!

By working within our cam studio, you will benefit from international recognition! By engaging in the Iasi cam studio, you will be allowed to take part in international festivals and sign up with high chances of winning international awards. Studio 20 is the only world cam studio with Golden Jasmin certification. Furthermore, our models also earned the "Best Model", "Best Emerging Model", "Best Smile", Best Non-Adult Model, "Best Fetish Model", "Best Entertainer" awards, etc.

You will take advantage of our marketing and promotional campaigns if you want it! If no, you can rely on us when it comes to not disclose your private information. If you don't have any issue to talk openly about your profession, we will help you become well-known in this cam studio in Iasi. This way, you will obtain more traffic and celebrity and you will make more money!

Financial support for debutants is another important aspect that this cam studio takes care of. If you are in need, Studio 20 will guarantee you the money for enriching your wardrobe and make-up tools. If you stay with our cam studio for 3 full months, you will receive these products as gifts from us. Furthermore, you can choose a loan with 0% interest, directly from our cam studio! Since we hope all our webcam models enjoy our advantages, after 6 months in the cam studio you can obtain credits directly from the employer.

Finally, at Studio 20 Iasi you will be given the chance to practice glamour online modeling. Our cam studio gives models the chance to practice non-adult online modeling, which translates into the fact that you don't have to undress. Rather, they will only have to rely on their intelligence to seduce the sites' members.

Is your aim to transform into an independent and successful woman, certain of her qualities? Then, if you want a careless life, full of luxury, we can make your dreams come true. Come to Studio 20, our cam studio in Iasi!

Str. Muntenimii, Nr.7, Iași, Jud. Iași, România

(+4) 0748 802 020

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