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Studio 20's franchise exceeded the borders of Romania. After opening its first US location in Los Angeles, the capital of the American webcam modeling industry, Studio 20 launched its first video chat studio in Colombia, more exactly in Santiago de Cali, the third biggest city in the country, after Bogota and Medellin.

Santiago de Cali is one of the first cities founded in America after being discovered by Cristofor Columb. At this moment, Cali is one of the main economic, cultural and industrial centers of the country and the main urban center of the Colombian South-East. Cali is known worldwide as the international capital of salsa music. Here, every July, the Summer Salsa Festival takes place, which lasts a full week and includes concerts, shows, and salsa contests. 

Romania and Colombia are international leaders of the webcam modeling industry and the opening of a video chat studio in Cali is a natural step in the development of our franchise. Another reason is the fact that the Colombian video chat models are extremely positive, joyful and open-minded, which is essential in order to succeed in the webcam modeling industry!

Here are some of the main reasons to become a webcam model for the biggest video chat studio in the world – Studio 20:

1. You`ll have the financial stability you`ve always wanted, without the fear that you can lose your job overnight. From your very first day on our team, you will sign an artist-performer contract in 2 copies and you`ll receive your own copy. Also, once every 2 weeks, you will sign an additional document, in which are listed all the financial details of your activity in the webcam modeling industry.

2. While other video chat studios promise you high incomes in order to convince you to perform webcam jobs for them, we can show you the proof that some of our most dedicated webcam models really earn up to $25,000 per month.

3. Studio 20 is the first video chat studio in the world to receive the Jasmin Gold certification from Jasmin, which is proof of our professionalism, fairness, and legality. This official title represents a first in the webcam modeling industry, being a recognition of the fact that Studio 20 has changed the history of this new artistic activity in the whole world.

Between the two companies (Jasmin and Studio 20) that work in the same niche (glamor webcam modeling), there is a successful collaboration, which results in better recruitment, training, and promotion of Studio 20`s video chat models. This means you`ll earn more money than you can possibly imagine (if you`re hardworking and dedicated, of course).

4. With an experience of more than 17 years in the webcam modeling industry, our video chat studio can help all young girls who want to become webcam models to be successful at an international level, to earn a lot of money and to win awards at the most important international festivals in the adult entertainment industry.

You don`t need any previous experience, you just have to be friendly, positive and open minded. We`ll take care of the rest by giving you the best training available in the webcam modeling industry! Also, you`ll have free individual courses, where you`ll learn how to present yourself in front of the camera and how to interact with the members! These courses will help you both on a professional and a personal level. 

A team of professionals will always be by your side to help you every time you need, so you can perform the best webcam modeling jobs!

5. Studio 20 Cali Colombia is a video chat studio that offers you the best working conditions in the webcam modeling industry, just like in any other Studio 20 location that we already have in Los Angeles, USA, or Romania. Here, you can opt for adult webcam jobs, but also for glamor webcam modeling, where you can use your personality and charm to attract men, instead of nudity.

In other words, if you want to earn a lot of money in a legal manner, but you`re too shy to undress in front of the webcam, you have the chance to perform webcam jobs without taking your clothes off.  

Our video chat studio is recognized both locally and internationally as being an active promoter of the glamor webcam modeling. 

6. We know it`s not easy to be a beginner webcam model, therefore, in addition to the initial training period and the free individual courses, we`ll offer you all the financial support you`ll need in order to become successful! From interest-free loans directly from our video chat studio to financial help for completing your makeup kit and your work wardrobe, we are here to make sure you have everything you need at your disposal in order to reach your financial goals in a short period of time.

7. We reward loyalty, hard work, dedication, and perseverance. This is why, after completing a full year in our video chat studio, you`ll receive a loyalty bonus, which adds up to your commission and together they can reach up to 65% of your income! 

So, if you are an English speaking webcam model who wants to perform on Jasmin and earn at least $10,000 per month, we are waiting for you at Studio 20 Cali Colombia, the first and only Gold Jasmin Certified video chat studio in the webcam modeling industry! By working for Studio 20, you`ll have the admiration of thousand of fans around the world and the chance to shine! 

Carrera 66, No. 5-49, Cali, Colombia

(+57) 318 693 2417


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