5 reasons why you should NOT do online modeling at Studio 20

5 reasons why you should NOT do online modeling at Studio 20
Every day, cam studio commercials give you reasons to do online modeling: safe income, employee bonuses, cars worth $50,000 in only 3 months, luxury vacations and company-paid taxes.  Since we don't like to lie, because we believe in transparency and we are sure that anything built on lies has a very short life, here are 5 very real reasons why you should NOT perform online modeling at Studio 20:

1. You want to make money very fast, no matter what. You have bank debts and you think that if you work hard for 3 months you will make S30,000, you will pay all your debts, then you'll get away. Or you want to save your relationship by buying your lover a new car to show how much you love him. This will NOT happen! You can earn, indeed, S10,000 a month – and that's why we invite you to meet our girls who perform online modeling every month at Studio 20 – but not in the first three months, not desperately and not "in any way". Regarding those women who don't respect themselves by accepting their lovers' abuses, we can help them with advice and recommendations, but we will not allow them to perform online modeling at Studio 20 until they become aware that they must be their own master!

2. You want to perform online modeling just until you find a "sponsor", a.k.a. "sugar daddy". You believe that, as long as there are "suitors" who spend money on online modeling sites, surely one will accept to send you money via Western or will come to you to make you his wife, therefore you won't need to do online modeling anymore. Once again, this will NOT happen! You can't fool us, because according to our policy, sharing personal data is strictly forbidden and you will be caught by our experienced staff. In this case, your contract with us will be terminated without any payment.

3. You want an easy job. You want a "flexible" program, meaning to perform online modeling only when you feel like it. You don't have the patience to learn, to put effort in order to satisfy all the members, you think it's enough to take off your panties and make money just by showing your butt. Or, even if we offer you free English courses at our cam studio, you still think that Google Translate is everything and you don't need to learn English anymore to be able to perform online modeling. But this will NOT happen! Studio 20 is a professional live cam studio with a glamorous vision. Come to us only if you want to become a top webcam model, if you are ready to work at least 40 hours a week and you have the ambition to make your way up to the top by doing real online modeling. A webcam model is an entrepreneur, an independent artist who develops her own business with us. If you position yourself as an employee, if you are trying to lie to yourself by lying to us that your grandmother has come to visit, you have a headache or the plumber has tied you up next to the sink, just because you don't want to work, guess what: it WON'T work!

4. You want to come to us for  a few months to learn how to do online modeling, to make your fans while we are investing in you and making a brand of yourself, then you take your members home and that's all: you fooled us! Eventually, you will take even your professional photos made by us. This will NOT happen, either! The agreement that you have to sign with us clearly specifies that you can’t perform on your own, during and after our collaboration, with any other online modeling sites or live cam studios except for the sites we collaborate with. Also, all the promotional stuff released by Studio 20 stays with us forever, including your professional photos and your personal brand that we made out of you. It is a precise clause of loyal competition, so do not even try to fool us, 'cause you won't succeed! This is our main condition, from the first day of your online modeling activity, and we will not make any exceptions. There are 1,000 online modeling sites in the world, you can work with any of the other 995, except for those 5 that we collaborate with.

5. You don't want to pay taxes. NO WAY! Studio 20 is a legal cam studio for online modeling, therefore you have to pay all your taxes such as income tax and so on. Do not forget, the number of your fans is the result of a proper training, of your everyday work and of your ambition. So, get to work properly!


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