​A guide on how to succeed as a cam girl

​A guide on how to succeed as a cam girl
A successful private session is one where the member is relaxed and satisfied. It’s not enough to take your clothes off and perform in front of the webcam in order to be a successful cam girl, you need to learn how to engage the member properly. The secret in online modeling is to find yourself with a lot of regulars. This way you won't need to do much free chat.

This is what you need to do to keep them coming back:

1. Keeping the member interested

Members take cam models from the free chat to the private one to become exclusive for a while. They are paying for their undivided attention because they need to feel special. This is why you have to reserve certain things for private sessions only. If you reveal yourself 100% in the free chat, people won’t be interested in taking you private.

2. Don’t hurry and adapt

You need to personalize your show for each paying member, according to his wishes. A lot of men want to get to know a cam girl better so don't be afraid to talk to them about your personal interests. It's a much more interesting this way. Plus, there are many members who don't want anything sexual at all. They just crave for human interaction because in real life they don’t have what it takes for that. Typically, these chatters don’t care about your looks, they just need a pleasant personality. Be yourself and smile a lot!

3. Get personal by using their names

A person’s name is the most sweetest sound, so use it to be more personal. This approach makes your members feel more comfortable and involved in the show. If you don’t know their names ask them for it. Most of the members will be glad to reveal their real first names and will appreciate the intimacy created between you two. This way, you increase the chance for them to come back to you.

4. Be very sensitive

Members reach out to a cam girl because their lives are hard and they just want to relax and have fun. Listen to them and don't criticize them if they share something really intimate. Men have feelings too, so don't make them feel ashamed of their sexual preferences. It's best just to listen and offer a comforting shoulder for them to cry on.

5. Don't reveal your real feelings

Cam girls are like actresses, they just play a role for a certain period of time. Even if you grow fond of your loyal members, don’t give them hope because they’ll be very disappointed to find out that they’ll never get to meet the real you, face to face. Don’t reveal your feelings towards them and never say I love you in front of the webcam. Some people out there feel very lonely and may take you seriously. It’s not just that they become disappointed in you, but you run the risk of getting your inbox flooded with messages. You can block them, but then you risk losing good paying clients.


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