Become a top webcam model and live like a queen!

Become a top webcam model and live like a queen!
Best Model, Best Smile or Best Fetish Model are only a few of the awards that you can win by working for the largest online modeling agency in the world, Studio 20. We are located on 3 of the most important continents for the online modeling industry: Europe, North America, and South America, annually offering our models the chance to walk the red carpet of some of the most prestigious galas and festivals. Of course, the limo and personal chauffeur are included. This way, they'll be treated like VIPs in the spotlights and will have the chance to win prestigious awards that confirm their special webcam model qualities, discovered and augmented with the help of Studio 20's specialists. 

A webcam model that is part of the Studio 20 team enjoys special treatment each and every day, being treated like a queen at the workplace. Firstly, all the Studio 20 locations are deluxe workplaces that offer the best working conditions to every webcam model: luxurious decors, themed rooms, and top-notch equipment that is necessary to ensure the best day-to-day activity. This includes the best 4K HD cameras (that stream with 60 fps and have a 20x optical zoom) and professional microphones with special filtering and pre-amplifier that separate the voice from the background music. Plus, these locations also offer lounges and special rooms in which you can relax, restaurants and bars, fitness center, massage rooms, jacuzzi, spa, and many other facilities. Every webcam model in our team can relax during her breaks or take a load off with a smooth cocktail. 

Because every webcam model needs special wardrobe in order to feel like the passion goddess she is, Studio 20 offers you a professional team of makeup artists and image counselors that will help you make the best choices regarding clothing and makeup. In order for you to look your best on camera, our specialists will train you and prepare you for the best photo shootings you ever made. Even more, you'll enjoy free English and general knowledge training sessions that help you grow and develop a career as a glamour webcam model. You'll be on the right track to becoming a top international webcam model and living the queen life you've been dreaming of. 

This isn't all! Off the Studio 20 stage, the webcam models in our team have a fabulous life! Thanks to the great paychecks of up to $10,000 per month that you can enjoy if you join our online modeling team, you can pamper yourself and buy everything you want. Vacations in exotic spots, cosmetic surgery, top-brand clothing, and professional makeup accessories, or a luxury car and a nice house. These are the main objectives that our webcam models have and they manage to achieve them through our company. 

If you think this is hard to get to, try googling our successful examples, top webcam models from the Studio 20 team that reached the highest peaks of success: Sassha Red, Devious Angell, Raquelle Diva, Eva Devine, Megan Kroft, Madelene Ray, Susan Birdy.


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