Confessions of a cam girl with vitiligo: “Being different is actually a blessing”

Confessions of a cam girl with vitiligo: “Being different is actually a blessing”
Novia, a cam girl with vitiligo, a condition characterized by patches of skin that lose pigment and turn white, wrote a touching confession on a private forum dedicated to this industry. She addressed her skin and went through all the phases that accompanied her throughout her life, from disgust and shame to acceptance, courage, and pride. The reactions she generated, both from her colleagues, and especially her members were overwhelming, proving to her that she is on the right way. Without further ado, here’s what she had to say, with comments from other models, as well as her fans below:

“Dear skin, sometimes, you were my biggest enemy, I didn’t even dare to look at you in the mirror, and see all your spots. I felt disgusted and ashamed by your aspect and I always tried to cover you and hide you under long sleeves. But now I decided that I’ve suffered enough, and I don’t want to deal with this problem anymore. You are not shameful and I shouldn’t hate you. I want to apologize for all the mean things I’ve said about you over time, and I want to tell you that you don’t look hideous – my thoughts were hideous when I spoke about you that way”, the model wrote.

Then she continued: “Why should I hate you? You don’t put my life in danger, you can’t spread to people around me, and you don’t even hurt. Actually, you are soft, you smell good, you protect me, and you cover me, both literally and figuratively. You are healthy and you keep me warm! Who cares that, in some places, you have patches that are lighter than the rest? You make me different and this is actually a blessing!”. Before ending her message, Novia mentioned that overcoming the “problem” and turning it into an “opportunity” is what gave her the courage to enter the non-adult online modeling industry.

“Finally, you did it! You sexy mama!”, said Alle, one of her colleagues. “I’m so proud of you, this is the right attitude!”, continued Flora. “You’re perfect, you go, girl!”, said Bia. While Elle added: “You’re wonderful and stunning as usual! I love you for this, I’ve been waiting for a long time to hear you say this”. All this positive support and compliments that showered Novia overwhelmed her and confirmed the fact that she made the right choice when she decided to share her story.

Meanwhile, even though the patches don’t cover a large proportion of her skin, members notice it immediately, but their reactions are almost unanimously positive. “Some told me they’ve noticed me particularly because of my condition, while others don’t seem to care about it at all, and just love me for my personality, and my sweet face. Either way, I’ve learned to appreciate myself and take every compliment that comes my way. After all, this is my skin for the rest of my life, what should I do? The best thing is to embrace it the same way it embraces me!”, Novia concluded.


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