How to attract paying members when you`re doing online modeling from home

How to attract paying members when you`re doing online modeling from home
The life of a girl that chooses to do online modeling from home is not an easy one at all. At the beginning of your career, you must make a considerable financial investment in your equipment (an HD video camera with a remote control system, a high tech computer, various decors, wardrobe, makeup, professional lights, etc), but also, you need to know some tips and tricks in order to be successful. Given that a model who works in a studio earns 200% to 500% more than a girl who does online modeling from home, our advice is to work in a professional studio and only then, after you gain some experience, think about performing online modeling from home. 

The advantages of working in a cam studio such as Studio 20:

First of all, before going live on camera, you will be trained by the best specialists in the online modeling industry  who will teach you all the tricks of this job in a very short period of time. With this information you will be able to make money as fast as possible. 

Secondly, here you will have the best professional equipment in this industry to help you perform on cam sites. In addition to this, a technical team will always be by your side to provide you with all the necessary support. After at least 1 year in which you have accumulated both the experience and the money needed to invest in your own equipment, you can start doing online modeling from home, either on your own or in collaboration with Studio 20. We will help you with everything you need in order to be the best webcam model out there! 

Today, we'll explain how you can convince members in free chat to buy private shows.

People who enter free online modeling chat rooms are those who fall in love with the webcam models and spend a lot of time interacting with them. They are often unwilling to pay for private sessions. So how do you convince them to become paying members? First of all, you have to give individual attention to each of them, to make them interested and willing to pay for a private show. Most of them will want to satisfy their desire for exclusive attention and will end up buying a private show.

When you`re doing online modeling from home, you must have great patience with the free chat members, because many of them are reluctant to sign up for an account on the site. Maybe they worry about credit card security, they may have a limited budget or maybe they don`t think they will get what they want. Don't let any of these fears stop you from persuading them to pay for a private session. You just have to find the right way to convince them and see which works best for each of them.

Ways to persuade members to pay for a private show:

1. Flirt a little. At first, you need to try and seduce a member, then quickly move on to the next one. When you perform online modeling from home, you have to give each one something, otherwise, they will leave. Be careful though, if you give a member too much attention, he will not have the motivation to buy a private session with you.

2. Don`t be afraid to play! After you have given him a little attention to tickle his pride, try to play a game with him. Ask him something like, "Do you want to play with me?". If he answers affirmatively, you will then say, "I will give you a break until you enroll for an account and buy a private show with me". Make sure you smile seductively all the time when you say this because flirting and humor go hand in hand.

3. Compliment them. As a girl who performs online modeling from home, you have to make compliments to those you interact with. Tell them they are very cute and that you understand how hard it is to sign up and pay for a private show. Ask them to help and persuade other members to buy a private session to help you stay in the free chat rooms. No man can resist when a beautiful and sexy woman needs his help.


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