How to focus at work when you are madly in love?

How to focus at work when you are madly in love?
We all know life is unpredictable and it can surprise us when we expect it the least, but sometimes things happen so fast and seemingly inexplicable that it doesn't even seem real. We've all been there: falling in love so fast, from the first glance, ending the first date with a kiss, and starting the relationship of your lifetime, with Mister Right. After the date is over and you let go of his hand, all you could think of for the next couple of days is when will you see him again.

However, the problem is that, until you and Prince Charming meet for the second time, you have to go to work. Easier said than done because once you are in front of the webcam or even your colleagues, all you could think about is... him. You remember all the lines from your first date, the moments when your looks crossed, the first touch of his hand, and of course the first kiss. Your body is there, at work, but your mind and your soul are somewhere far away, in a place where no such mundane things exist.

Today is your second date and you should meet him at 6.30 PM. You look at the clock, it's 9.30 AM. You look two hours later and it's... 9.45 AM. Time seems to have stopped and you don't understand why you are at work and not in his arms. On your first night out, things were perfect, you fell asleep with him on your mind, and now people want you to talk to them instead of him. It's called being a non-adult webcam model and we remind you that this is the career you chose and that brought you so much satisfaction!

However, your feelings are completely normal. When it comes to falling in love, every time it's like the first time. And maybe now it's even better since you are mature enough to know what you want and to chase what really makes you happy. But how can you "reconcile" work and personal life, especially when you are in the early stages of a new relationship? As simple as it might sound, you only have to do this: work while you are at work, and enjoy your time with him while you are with him.

First of all, it's very counterproductive to think about your new boyfriend when you are at work because you have to concentrate on entertaining your clients. Of course, you can talk to him during lunch or coffee breaks, but the rest of the time you should stick to your professional activity. Likewise, when you are with him, don't think about work and focus only on growing your relationship. Secondly, working will make time pass much easier, which means you are now closer and closer to seeing him again. On the other hand, if you focus at work, you won't have anything to worry about afterward and you can spend quality time with your new man. Congratulations & have a wonderful time!


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