How to react when a member becomes rude?

How to react when a member becomes rude?
You are working in the world's biggest cam studio, that is 100% non-adult. This means you don't have to take off your clothes or engage in any sexual activity whatsoever in order to entice members and keep them logged in for as long as possible. All you have to do is listen to them, talk to them and always have the best answer prepared, so they will feel comfortable sharing more and more information, building trust in you and spending time with you.

However, things don't always go as planned and sometimes members can become rude or too pushy. You have to understand that men can be very easily turned on and, even though they might know our strictly non-adult policy, they might try to break it or suggest different things to you. If you are too strict and directly say "No", without adding anything else or without any explanation, they might log out and that is the last thing you want.

In the world of non-adult webcam models, etiquette is very important and you should keep your calm and your lady attitude no matter how the member in front of the camera reacts. If you get angry, the only thing you will obtain is that he will become angry as well and not so willing to continue the conversation. He might even decide to abruptly interrupt the discussion, 
which translates into money loss.

Furthermore, in case members feel frustrated, they might never want to come back and talk to you. This way, you will lose your credibility and your base of loyal members. You should always remember that the bigger the number of members, the higher your earnings will be. Therefore, your ultimate goal should be to make them loyal and always willing to return. Below, you will see exactly how you can do this:

1. By explaining to them that this is a non-adult modeling agency. You might be surprised how well members react if you just reiterate the fact that you work in a non-adult cam studio. Just explain to them that your activity doesn't imply any nudity or sexual activity and, if you engage in such stuff, you might lose your job. If they have a job of their own, they will surely understand and support you.

2. By "arguing" with him. Sometimes, men like to be dominated by women and even to be "yelled" at. It shows them that you are a strong woman and they appreciate that. So don't be afraid to be a bit bossy and even act a little upset if they ask you to do something more besides talking to them. They will love that you have a strong personality and they will even forget what they asked for. They might even apologize for what they proposed and withdraw that proposal.

3. By changing the subject. Another effective tactic is to simply change the subject. But you have to be careful to propose something interesting, so that he will forget about sex and concentrate on the new topic. You might talk to them about football, travelling, their own culture and language or anything else you could think of.


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