Is a sense of humor important in online modeling? The answer will surprise you!

Is a sense of humor important in online modeling? The answer will surprise you!

A question we read on a private forum dedicated to the non-adult online modeling industry caught our eye. "Is a sense of humor important for cam girls?", a young woman asked, and we realized that this topic deserves a separate article. Usually, a sense of humor is associated with men since, historically and culturally speaking, they are the best comedians. Furthermore, they are the most prone to do pranks and silly jokes since they take themselves much less seriously than women. Indeed, the representatives of the fair sex want to protect their image and status and don't resort to such behavior too often.

However, to answer the question at the beginning, we would say that yes, humor is definitely important in cam girls. First of all, precisely because this situation is so rare, members will most certainly notice and appreciate this quality at the model in front of them. Actually, their surprise will be even greater as they would have expected jokes to be their secret weapon. When they'll see that the woman in front of them, or rather on the other side of the screen, is funny too, they will be even more excited by the public or private session they're engaged in.

Another very important reason that makes sense of humor crucial in non-adult online modeling is that it denotes intelligence. The ability to make jokes in any situation has long been associated with a high IQ and being witty. Furthermore, if you resort to self-mocking humor, you will be considered even funnier and your members almost won't believe the luck they're in. Dark humor is also very appreciated by men since most of the time they are the ones making these kinds of jokes. For them, there is nothing they can't joke about and anything can prove funny, in the right context, of course.

The question is: can you become funny, can you gain a sense of humor if it isn't innate? Theoretically, the answer is yes, it's possible, if you spend time with genuinely entertaining people, or if you watch how stand-up comedians build and deliver their sketches. However, if you don't feel that you are naturally inclined to do that, you shouldn't force anything. After all, everyone uses their talents and abilities to obtain the desired results, both in their personal, as well as professional lives.

In conclusion, if you consider yourself a funny person and you usually are the soul of the party wherever you go, you shouldn't be afraid of using this ability in non-adult online modeling too. As we mentioned before, your members will be not only surprised but absolutely thrilled that they have someone to joke with during their public or private sessions. On the other hand, if you find it difficult to be this way, you shouldn't force anything and you should just laugh at your members' jokes. After all, everyone is different and everyone has different aces up their sleeve to be successful.



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