Join now the team of the best webcam modeling studio in Bogota: Studio 20

Join now the team of the best webcam modeling studio in Bogota: Studio 20
Are you young, ambitious and do you want to succeed in life? Do you want to be financially independent, to be able to buy everything you`ve ever wanted and to support your family? If you wish to become a webcam model, you should know some things about the online modeling industry.

First of all, webcam modeling is a legal activity. In other words, if you choose to work for a cam studio, you'll sign a contract, all your earnings will be declared and all taxes will be paid.

Studio 20, the biggest cam studio in Bogota, is among the few studios in the online modeling industry that fully obey the law. In the very first day  you become a model for Studio 20, you will sign an "artist-performer" contract and you will receive your own copy. Also, once every 2 weeks, you`ll sign an additional document, in which are listed all the details from your activity in that period of time.

In order to work in the online modeling industry, you must have the legal age. A professional cam studio such as Studio 20 Bogota only hires girls over the age of 18.

In comparison to other cam studios, once you apply for a job at Studio 20 Bogota and you get accepted, you will receive the best training available in the online modeling industry, a professional photo shoot, free make-up tips and image counseling every step of the way. Add to these benefits luxurious workrooms, decorated with taste and attention to details and you will get the ideal workplace for any woman who wants to succeed in life.

It`s important to keep in mind that if you want to be one of Studio 20`s webcam models, you have to be open minded, friendly, talkative, positive and very charming. You don`t have to look like a runway model, your personality is more important than your looks. Nevertheless, you should take care of yourself and you should be always on point with your outfits and your make up. The way you present yourself to the paying members is crucial in the online modeling industry.

Men who pay for your company in the chat room want to see an attractive and charming woman who listens to them, who is friendly and who won`t judge them. So, to create a loyal fanbase that keeps coming back to your chat room, you must create a safe and fun environment, where the members feel comfortable to share their deepest thoughts without any restraints.

Contrary to popular belief, you don`t have to be very young to work in this industry. At Studio 20 Bogota we have webcam models that are 45 years old and who earn a lot of money, so age is not an obstacle. If you pay attention to our trainers and you`re a hardworking and dedicated person, who takes this job seriously, you will have a long and successful career at the biggest live cam studio in the online modeling industry: Studio 20 Bogota!

Beginner online models earn up to $1,000 per month and after they complete their training period and gain some experience, they can earn between $3,000 and $5,000 dollars per month. But if you give it your best, you can earn even more: up to $10,000 per month, just like our top webcam models.

As you can see, working for the best live cam studio in the online modeling industry, Studio 20 Bogota, brings a lot of benefits for you. Besides the great working conditions, the professional training, the high earnings, maximum confidentiality, you will have the chance to have the financial stabilty you`ve always wanted, you`ll be proud of working for the best and biggest online modeling franchise in the world and you will have the chance to win multiple awards for your work.

It all depends on how dedicated you are and how badly you want to succeed in life. So, do you have what it takes to be part of our team here at Studio 20 Bogota?


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