Online modeling at home versus working for a prestigious studio

Online modeling at home versus working for a prestigious studio
Many young girls searching for a well-paid job that offers a flexible schedule and an excellent work environment reach the conclusion that turning to online modeling accomplishes all these goals. Yet a new dilemma arises from this conclusion: what brings the most benefits? Working from home or seeking a job offer from an online modeling studio?

The 18 years of experience that we currently have in the entertainment industry has shown that working for an online modeling studio has always been better if you strive to create a personal brand in this industry and reach your financial objectives.

The reasons this option is better than working from home are clear and point out to efficiency and higher earnings, as follows:

1. Training

An online modeling studio offers you a training period which helps you gain precious knowledge from the experienced models in a relatively short period of time. They will teach you how to act in front of the camera, what topics to approach, how to address members and give you much more valuable information that will help you earn time and money.

2. Environment

An online modeling studio will provide the best environments in which you can create unique fantasies and gain credibility in your attempt at seducing the audience. You will be on a real scene, the kind of which you can never have at home.

3. Equipment

When you want to earn money from online modeling and decide to work from home, you need to spend a great deal of money on important equipment like: an HD video camera with guiding system and a remote control, a good laptop or PC, decor and scene equipment and accessories, professional lighting and much more, totaling at around $5,000 for each scene. Most times, when you want to begin the journey into this field, you don't have that kind of cash. If you can land a job at a professional online modeling studio such as Studio 20, you'll be able to earn those sums of money on a monthly basis without having to invest in anything.  

4. Tech support

Regardless of the sums that you invest in equipment, scenery, wardrobe, make-up and the other things you need for at-home online modeling, you won't make it very far without a good Internet connection and 24/7 online tech support. It takes a whole behind-the-scenes team for you to earn $3-5,000 each month or to reach the earnings that our most successful models enjoy: $11,000.   

5. The team

By far the most important reason behind the better results that are seen working in an online modeling studio rather than at home is the team. When you get a job at a studio, you benefit from an organized and structured working environment that keeps you motivated and aligned with your goals. You can't reach a high level of performance by working at home if you don't keep a normal schedule of 8 hours of activity in front of the camera each day. The more you stay online, the better the chances to earn more money.

We all have ups and downs, and in these moments you must know that you can count on a team that helps you surpass the hard times and get you where you need to be.    

If you came to the same conclusion as we did (that working for an online modeling studio is easier and more profitable than working at home), but you live in an area where Studio 20 is not present and cannot relocate, we offer you two possibilities:

- If you are an experienced online model and also have the equipment needed to work from home, but you need our support, you can contact us and we will work together. You'll benefit from around-the-clock online support and professional photo-video work, plus a commission between 80 and 95% of your earnings.

- If you don't have any experience in this activity, you can come to our studio in any city and we will help you set up the accommodation until you learn this trade and earn enough money to easily support yourself.

If you need more information regarding at home online modeling, call +40 748 777 757 or send an e-mail to [email protected] and a Studio 20 representative will explain all there is to know about the activity and the working environment, requirements and terms.


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