Role-playing, one of the most entertaining activities for models and their members

Role-playing, one of the most entertaining activities for models and their members
As a webcam model, meeting a new member is always exciting. Just like a first date, you barely know anything about the man in front of you, when you first see each other. You start by introducing yourselves, then you ask one another “how are you?” and “what are you up to?”. After that, you start talking about your hobbies and find out you have more or less things in common. As things evolve, you start talking about general knowledge or topics such as sports, cultural differences or news, such as the Coronavirus.

However, even though you like each other, after a few sessions, things tend to get boring if you don't add a new incentive. We would suggest role-playing since it basically opens a whole new world of endless possibilities. The Oxford English Dictionary defines this activity as "the changing of one's behavior to fulfill a social role". As you can see, role-playing has both a fun, as well as an educational part, which makes it even more interesting. From a psychological point of view, it also helps to identify and explain behavioral patterns.

Therefore, when you see that the dialogue between you and your member is trailing, you can suggest role-playing, directly or more subtly. You can either say "Let's role play", and then you both choose who you want to be, or you can say something like: "Have you ever wanted to be someone else?" or "How would it be if you fulfilled your childhood dream of becoming a doctor / lawyer etc.?". We guarantee you that your member will be interested.

Another handy option is to role-play according to the cam studio room you find yourself in. For example, at our studio in Los Angeles, we have a Police Station room. Of course, you will be the police officer, who will punish the bad member for the thing that he did. You can let your imagination choose the felony, as well as the punishment. We are pretty sure that your member won't have anything to say and will be more than delighted to receive your sentence.

Since we are a strictly non-adult modeling agency, you don't have to take off your clothes or engage in any type of sexual activity to entice your members. Of course, they understand that when they login to the platform and start talking to you, but men will always be men. This is why role-playing is so attractive to them, because they can unleash their inner Casanova. You shouldn't feel upset or objectified, and you should go with the flow. Remember that your main goal is to keep your members in the conversation for as long as you can.

In conclusion, whether you play the doctor and the nurse or the police officer and the suspect, it will most definitely turn out very interesting. Last but not least, you can suggest reversing roles, with you playing the member, and him - the webcam model. This way, you will both put yourselves in the others' shoes, while exploring new possibilities.


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