The success in online modeling, between hard work and luck

The success in online modeling, between hard work and luck
A non-adult webcam model asked an interesting question on a private forum dedicated to women who activate in this very profitable industry. She wanted to know how her colleagues from all around the world feel about the balance between hard work and luck in their job.

"What do you say, girls? Being successful in online modeling is all about luck or hard work? I had this discussion with my friends, and each of them sees things differently. For example, I feel it's all about hard work, you have to anticipate when you will have the biggest traffic, you have to be energetic, talkative, cheerful all the time. On the other hand, I have a friend who is very chaotic when it comes to her schedule and she earns as much money as I do. She just says she's lucky, haha. What do you think?", Simone asked. Soon, answers came pouring in, and we selected the best of them.

"I say it's a combination of work and fortune. For example, I am a little unlucky, I have to work a lot to obtain something, not only in online modeling but in general. Things are much simpler when you have luck by your side, this is what I think", Monica replied. "I think it's more about the attitude you have in front of the camera and, of course, a bit of luck. If you are positive and charismatic, you will automatically become successful. But this is only my opinion", Megan added.

On the other hand, Spirella says that, even though she considers herself lucky, she can't solely rely on this in her activity and personal life. "It's a bit of both! Usually, I am very lucky, no matter where I am or what I do. But I also prefer to work hard to earn what I deserve. This is me, I think that if luck brought it, luck can take it away as well. I have my own schedule, which members know of, they are very loyal followers, and I make sure to buy new bed sheets every two weeks, so everything looks perfect. If you are lucky and you work hard, it's a win-win situation!", she said.

Ranya stroke a discordant note and said that, in her opinion, online modeling is all about work. "From my 2 years experience, I can say it's 100% work. The more dedicated you are, the more successful you will be", she wrote. "I'm working in the online modeling for a few years now and I can confirm it's totally 100% work. I don't believe in luck, luck is something you make", Jessyca strengthened. Last but not least, Adira put her finger on the problem. "You can take luck into consideration. But if you don't do anything and hope that money will fall from the sky, it won't", she said. "It's a lot of hard work, but a bit of luck is a bonus", Aylee concluded. What do YOU think?


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