The best movies to watch & recommend in 2020

The best movies to watch & recommend in 2020
Movies have always been one of America's favorite pastimes, but during this Coronavirus pandemic they prove crucial for our wellbeing. Most of us are isolated in our homes for 24 hours a day, with little to do except work, eat and sleep. In these conditions, Netflix seems like a true blessing since it allows us to spend time in a fun and useful way. Even if you watch movies alone, you can still recommend them to family and friends or debate them, if they already saw it.

You can do the same thing with your members if you work in non-adult online modeling. Whenever you seem to consume all the possible topics, movies will always save you. Just ask them what their favorite movie is or if they saw your favorite movie of all times. Or, if you want recommendations, you can read this article and find out which are the most important romantic films in history. If you haven’t seen them already, it's high time you do, since we are talking about real masterpieces made in Hollywood and not only.

1. The Vow (2012) - IMDB score 6.8. What can you do when the love of your life completely forgets who you are? This movie is based on an incredible true story of a woman who loses her entire memory due to a car crash. Her long time lover has to find ways to make her fall in love with him all over again. Will he make it? You will find out only if you watch "The Vow". And after you see how it ends, you will surely recommend it forward.

2. Love and Basketball (2000) - IMDB score 7.2. This classic combines a romantic story with one of America's favorite sports. Quincy and Monica have been friends since they were children and during high school they started a romantic relationship. However, they both have high ambitions of becoming top basketball players, which interfere with their love. What is stronger: their emotional bond or their competitiveness? There is only one way to find out.

3. If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) - IMDB score 7.1. This is the classic story of a perfect life which falls apart due to unforeseen circumstances. A lovely couple, mad after each other, are expecting a child, when one of them is accused of a crime they didn't commit. This James Baldwin adaptation is directed by Barry Jenkins, known for the critically acclaimed "Moonlight". So, if you are a fan, you will definitely recognize the style.

4. Carol (2015) - IMDB score 7.2. Last but not least, we recommend this highly original and dramatic movie called "Carol", from five years ago. It tells the story of two women who fall in love with each other, during the 1950s. Apart from being attracted in the carousel-like love story, you will get to enjoy the exquisite dresses and interiors from that time. This movie is based on Patricia Highsmith's novel "The Price of Salt" and features Rooney Mara and Oscar-nominated Cate Blanchett.


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