Webcam modeling 101: how to quickly identify paying members on cam sites

Webcam modeling 101: how to quickly identify paying members on cam sites
How do you spot members of webcam modeling sites who are willing to pay serious cash for a private show with a cam model? How do you know who are those who put their hands deep into their pocket to spend their cash and time with you? It's quite difficult for a webcam model to answer these questions. You never know whom you should ignore and whom to focus on. This is why Studio 20, the best cam studio in the world, has decided to give you a helping hand and find those members who are worth spending time with.

Statistics indicate that only 15% of the members of webcam modeling sites pay for private shows, which means that a webcam model needs to know how to select those who are going to pay for her private company. Of course, she has to be polite and talk to everyone in the chat room, but at the same time she needs to focus more on certain members. That's why the training is essential in webcam modeling, because it helps you differentiate those who can increase your earnings from those who just want to waste your precious time. Next, we'll teach you what to keep an eye on and how you can convince men to chat with you privately.

1. One of the most important things you need to know about webcam modeling is that most paying members don’t really chat that much. They prefer to study webcam models and to find the one they like most of all, so they are generally  less talkative. That's why your job is to capture the interest of everyone, even of those who don’t speak too much. From a statistical point of view, these are the most generous, so your goal is to focus on them and ask if they have previously bought a private show on that site. This way you don’t put pressure on them because it's not a direct question. If they say no, then you know that there are very few chances that they ever pay for a private show, but if the answer is positive, then you need to focus your attention on them.

2. Age is a very important factor among members of webcam modeling sites. Most men who pay, especially for long private shows, are over 30 years old, so be sure to identify them quickly and engage in conversations with them. Chances of success are much higher with this age group than with those aged 20-25.

3. Another important thing in webcam modeling is to get to know the profile of the paying members and the reasons why they need your services. This way you will know what really matters to them and how to make them happy so that they will return to you as often as possible. Basically, you have to ask yourself what are they looking for on the Internet? What makes them take refuge in the online medium and enjoy the company of a beautiful and sophisticated woman like you? Maybe they aren’t successful with women or they have frigid wives or girlfriends and long for a real woman with whom they can create a really intimate relationship. Or perhaps members don’t have to compete with other men for your attention. Usually, when paying members find a webcam model they like, they get straight to the point and pay for a private show.

4. Once you've succeeded in identifying the paying members and persuading them to spend time with you in private, it's important to focus your efforts to keep them hooked on you. However, the biggest mistake in webcam modeling is trying to stall. You need to do it in order to gain as much money as you can, but you need to do it very subtly, without losing your members’ interest. They are not naive, they know they pay for each minute with you. When they realize that you stall, they leave the private area and never come back. That's why you have to look very interested in everything they have to say and never refuse them directly. This requires a lot of diplomacy and communication skills, but also a fine knowledge of the psychology of men.

In conclusion, you have to be a perfect artist and give your best in order to be successful. It's not an easy job, as one might think. It involves a lot of ambition, seriousness, involvement, tact and communication skills, but it’s all worth it because you can earn up to $10,000 a month!


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