What activities can you do in self-isolation due to Coronavirus?

What activities can you do in self-isolation due to Coronavirus?
The Coronavirus pandemic scared the whole planet and basically shut it down: the borders between countries have closed, schools were suspended, commercial entities halted their activity, while people were advised to stay home. If you find yourself in the same situation, you most likely consider it difficult, even though the only thing you are requested to do is not to leave your house.

Young girls are usually very active and dynamic and staying inside for as long as 14 days doesn't seem like a very viable option. However, this is the only thing we can do to prevent the spread of this virus, and let doctors and authorities take care of the rest. Since you have no alternative than to stay inside, we have prepared a list of activities that will make time fly faster and not seem like you are wasting it.

Without further ado, here are the activities you can do in self-isolation due to Coronavirus:

1. Online modeling from home. Although we normally recommend our models to work in our modern and technically equipped studios since they have the chance to make more money, online modeling from home can be a solution in these hard times. All you need is a laptop, a high-quality webcam and a powerful internet connection and you can resume the interesting conversations with your members. After all, most companies sent their employees to work from home in this period, so why should you be any different?

2. Reading. As we already mentioned here, reading can be a very entertaining activity, which has nothing to do with school. Of course, we are not talking about classic novels, which can feel a little boring, but about the newest books on the market, most of them written by women. By reading them, you will find out how some of the most powerful and influential women in the world think today, and you can apply their principles in your own life. Moreover, you will have new and interesting topics to discuss with your members.

3. Cooking. This period can be a good time to learn how to cook or improve your skills. Nowadays, there are countless numbers of recipes and YouTube tutorials on this topic, and you can learn from the best chefs all around the world. Cooking in times of self-isolation has two major benefits. First of all, you will engage in a fun activity, which will make time pass, and secondly, you will make your own food since all restaurants and bars you normally go  to are now closed, due to the quarantine.

4. Online shopping spree. The fact that shops are closed and you can't get out of the house shouldn't stop you from buying everything you want, especially fancy clothes. Therefore, why not spending an entire afternoon discovering what the biggest clothing stores have to offer and ordering these products online? Imagine the fun of it, especially if you do it together with your female friends - through a program like Skype, of course, since you can't meet face to face.

These are the activities we’ve chosen for you, but of course there are plenty more, from watching TV and browsing social media, to cleaning the house and also, self-care activities, such as yoga or aromatherapy. It's your call, after all!


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