What do members notice first, when they look at a cam girl?

What do members notice first, when they look at a cam girl?
Men will always be men - this is one of the truest sentences you could ever write. On a first date, on their wedding day, at a doctor's appointment, or the beginning of a private session with a non-adult online model, they will always behave the same. This involves looking at the same things when it comes to women, of course. Regardless of the nature of a situation, or if it involves any sexual potential or not, they will do a so-called "short checkup" before deciding how the interaction will go on.

But what do members notice first, when they look at a cam girl? A study that surveyed 1.000 men and women found out what body parts we notice first when looking at somebody new of the opposite sex. The results are somewhat surprising, considering that breasts don't top the list for men, as everyone would've expected. However, they occupy an honorable third place. Another interesting aspect is that, even though the first two places are identical for both sexes, the rest of the ranking differs greatly. Without further ado, let's see the full top:

Men looking at women - 1. Eyes, 2. Smile, 3. Breasts, 4. Hair, 5. Weight, 6. Legs, 7. Clothing, 8. Derriere, 9. Height, 10. Skin;

Women looking at men - 1. Eyes, 2. Smile, 3. Height, 4. Hair, 5. Clothing, 6. Weight, 7. Skin, 8. Face shape, 9. Derriere, 10. Nose.

Moving on, we will concentrate on what members see, both literally and figuratively, when they enter a private session with a new model for the first time. The fact that they notice the eyes and smile means that you should look into the webcam with full confidence and smile, but it should not look fake and you shouldn't show your teeth. Next, they will notice your breasts, but you shouldn't do anything special about it since Studio 20 is a strictly non-adult cam studio, which means that you will be dressed and you won't have to take off anything or show them your breasts. They will just notice them because, as we said, men will always be men.

Next, they will check your hair, so we would recommend a hairstyle you love, but that is also revealing, so therefore not necessarily a ponytail. The clothing style, as well as your skin, will be very obvious during the private sessions, but you wouldn't have to worry too much about your weight, legs, derriere, or height since they won't be in the spotlight, due to the nature of the interaction with members.

However, as you could already tell, this top was only about the physical qualities of women, but, as a non-adult cam girl, other aspects are much more important. For example, you should always know what to say or how to answer a question or a remark from your members, you should actively listen to them, and you have to be understanding, empathetic, and you should have the ability to put yourself in your member's shoes.


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