What qualities will help you surpass your colleagues in no time?

What qualities will help you surpass your colleagues in no time?
Even though you get along very well with your fellow colleagues, maybe even hang out with them and become friends in your personal life, not only at work, we at Studio 20 encourage competition. We strongly believe that trying to be better than you were yesterday and trying to surpass your colleagues will make you move forward, and will make the studio move forward as well. 

Of course, we are big supporters of fair play, so under no circumstances should you sabotage the other models. What we encourage is hard work, creativity and passion, which will drive you faster than anything else in your career.

First of all, we should mention that, for surpassing the other models, you should impress not only the members, but the rest of the team as well. Before talking about the three qualities we mentioned earlier, we have to emphasize on the fact that you should first be a good colleague. 

Having a bad attitude and always considering your colleagues to be your enemies will never work. Instead, you should help them whenever they need it or ask it, and even replace them if they have something else to take care of. Maintaining a positive attitude will guarantee the fact that you will be appreciated by your coworkers, as well as bosses. And ultimately, whenever someone gets asked if you deserve a raise or a promotion, they will always say yes if your personal relation is good as well.

Hard work. Coming back to the three most important qualities you need in order to surpass your colleagues in no time, we decided to start with hard work. We strongly believe that hard work is the key in every field of activity, including webcam modelling. 

If you are serious, determined and always on time, you will certainly leave a good impression. Beauty, intelligence and spontaneity are important in your career, but without hard work they are useless.

Creativity. Our industry is not about sex, since we are a non-adult modeling agency. Webcam jobs are about communication rather than anything else and you have to find the right tone and mindset for addressing each member in the best possible way. 

Creativity will help you adjust to each member's needs and expectations, in order for you to make him spend as much time with you as possible. You have to think outside the box and even try to put yourself in the other person's shoes, just as a psychologist would.

Passion. Last but not least, you have to have passion for your work. Becoming a webcam model just because you heard it's a job that pays well will simply not work. Could you become a doctor if you weren't passionate about it, only because you would get a big salary? 

The answer is no and it's the same for webcam jobs. You have to love to communicate, you have to be empathetic, you have to care about the others and not only about yourself. In conclusion, if you are hard-working, creative and passionate, as well as a good colleague, your efforts will surely not go unnoticed.


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