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Life after online modeling - the possibilities are endless!

Life after online modeling - the possibilities are endless!
Online modeling has evolved so much in recent years: from the adult to the non-adult approach (cam girls no longer have to undress or engage in any sexual activities); from focusing on models' beauty to focusing on their other qualities (empathy, language, and conversational skills, etc.); from age restrictions to no limit whatsoever (you can be a webcam model even if you're over 35 or even 40). However, just like in any other job, not everybody wants to do the same thing forever. So what can you do if you're in the same situation? Luckily for you, the possibilities are endless, as you will see below. First of all, we must mention that the decision of no longer being a webcam model is entirely up to you. If you're good at it, you will earn more and more money, even if you are no longer in your 20s. Since we are strictly talking about non-adult online modeling, age is just a number and, as you get older, you also get wiser and gain more experience that will allow you to… [Read More...]

Self-confidence is the key to choose! Quotes to help you reach your full potential

Self-confidence is the key to choose! Quotes to help you reach your full potential
What do you think is the most beautiful thing a woman can possess? Her looks, her eyes, her attitude? Her intelligence, her charm, her laugh? Her clothes, her shoes, her home? If you thought of any of the answers above, you are wrong. Sabrina Carpenter, the famous singer and actress knows better: "Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess". And this is just one of the quotes about self-confidence that we will share with you in this article. Whether you feel down and want to cheer up, or a bad thing happened to you and you want to become strong again, this is exactly what you need to read today. Remember: one bad day shouldn't ruin your whole week, and one sad event shouldn't prevent you from being happy again! "All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure" (Mark Twain, writer, 1835-1910) "Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble, but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you… [Read More...]

High earnings in a cam studio

High earnings in a cam studio
Internationally known as the biggest and most professional, Studio20 guarantees you the highest earnings in a cam studio that you can get in all the webcam industry.   With offices worldwide, from Romania to Colombia, USA, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, counting 33 studios in total, there's no wonder Studio20 can guarantee the highest earnings.    We've explained before some of the benefits of working with Studio 20, from the Studio20 Limo, to marketing and branding, best training and support team, and, of course, payouts. We think it's time to break down what it means exactly to get high earnings from a cam studio.    Usually, a cam studio pays between 30% and 70% to the models that work with them, depending on the benefits, the training, and the team's involvement in the model's progress.    In Studio20, the basic commission starts from 50% and can reach up to 95% of the model's payout from the site.    For the first… [Read More...]

Lighten up the mood with your members! Here are the best jokes to tell them

Lighten up the mood with your members! Here are the best jokes to tell them
A joke is the best way to make someone laugh, including your members. Whenever you feel that the atmosphere is a little tense or the dialogue is sluggish, you can choose one of the anecdotes or one-liners from below and lighten up the mood. This will not only make them smile, but it can actually change the whole dynamics of the conversation since your members can also start to crack some of their favorite jests. I just read that 3,532,577 people got married last year. Um... shouldn't that number be even?! How do you know you've been married for a long time? When you ask "Who was the actor in the movie about that thing we saw on Wednesday?", they know exactly what you're talking about! Do you have a date for Valentine's Day? Yes, it's February the 14th! What did one boat say to the other boat? "Hey there, are you interested in a little... row-mance?" Anyone who says their wedding was the happiest day of their life has obviously never had two candy… [Read More...]

3rd edition of #CamForCharity

3rd edition of #CamForCharity
The Studio20 team from around the world will go live this Saturday, September 5th, 2020, the International Day of Charity, for the 3rd edition of #CamForCharity.   Already known for their active role in the community, from pro-education actions to garbage collection campaigns with Let's Do It Romania and supporting children with autism spectrum disorders, Studio20 organizes in 2020 for the 3rd consecutive year, #CamForCharity campaign.   On Saturday, September 5th, 2020, managers, trainers, engineers, marketing specialists, the entire administrative staff from the 33 headquarters in Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the United States and Colombia will be live on the new mainstream platform Stars.Live, all earnings being doubled by Studio20 and donated to children and mothers in need. "This year, we chose three campaigns instead of one. After careful consideration and brainstorming with our teams around the world, because it is incredibly difficult to choose a single… [Read More...]

How to surprise your most loyal members?

How to surprise your most loyal members?
Every employee that works with clients, whether in a bank, in a supermarket, or online modeling, has to act professionally towards all of them, even if some are impolite or even rude. At first, this might seem hard and unusual since you wouldn't do that in any other circumstances. However, the employee-client relationship is special and you always have to remember that the business you serve depends on their money. Keeping calm is essential for maintaining the reputation of your employer and, ultimately, for securing your job. If you follow this blog, you most certainly remember that we dealt with the subject of rude members, so now we will touch another interesting topic. Specifically, we will talk about the best ways to reward your most loyal members. In online modeling, you develop much closer relationships than in other domains, even if you never physically meet your members. However, the nature of your discussions and the fact that you sometimes act like their psychologist helps… [Read More...]

Studio20 Limousine

Studio20 Limousine
  If you follow us on social media, you have undoubtedly seen at least once a beautiful, elegant car, inscribed Studio20. That is the Studio20 limousine (Studio20 Limo), one of the many benefits that Studio20 offers to its models.   What does Studio20 Limousine mean?   Studio20 limo represents an elegant and high-end car at the #girlsfromstudio20's request to take them and bring them from home safely to the studio.   "We always take care of the health of our models and staff. Working in a premium cam studio, we are in constant contact with each other, so we must make sure that everyone is healthy. The Studio20 limousine means safe cars, experienced drivers, at the disposal of the models that collaborate with us. The models choose the hours they want to be picked up from home and taken to the studio and vice versa, the driver arrives in front of the girls' house 15 minutes before and makes sure that they arrive safely. " Bogdan, manager of Studio20… [Read More...]

"Never have I ever", a new way to spice up your online sessions!

If you follow us, you most certainly know that we always come up with new ideas to spice up the private online sessions with your members. Did you try Big Talk, Truth or Dare, role-playing, or even speaking in your member's native language? If so, you still haven't exhausted all the possibilities of having endless fun via webcam! There is one more fun game that will guarantee you hours of interesting conversations and, of course, tens of thousands of dollars in earnings! Because, in the end, this is why you do your job as a non-adult cam girl and you are so good at it. We are talking about the famous "Never have I ever" game. The rules are simple: one of the participants states something they have never done, for example eating a whole box of candy at once. Then, the participants who did it have to drink. So, even if basically "Never have I ever" is a drinking game, there is nothing from stopping you to adapt it with your member. For example, you can each have… [Read More...]

What is missing from your perfect life as a webcam model?

What is missing from your perfect life as a webcam model?
Life as a non-adult cam girl can be quite beautiful and different from what you would expect: you will earn enough money to buy yourself your dream house and your dream sports car, you will afford to travel to exotic destinations at least once or twice a year, and you can have all the clothes and makeup products you wish. Therefore, you will gain independence from your parents from a very young age, as early as 18, and you will be able to rule your own life, all while keeping your integrity intact since you don't have to get undressed or engage in any sexual acts during work. However, taking into consideration your profession, which is still frowned upon in some circles, especially by people who have no idea what it entails, you will miss some things from your apparently perfect life. First of all, we are talking about fake friends. Normally, everybody is surrounded by a few fake friends, who act nicely in person but talk dirty behind your back. Most of the time, we either don't… [Read More...]

What does it mean to be a cam model trainer? (Part 2)

What does it mean to be a cam model trainer? (Part 2)
What does it mean to be a cam model trainer? (Part 2)   Among the many trades that have recently appeared in the workplace landscape, one of them seems extremely interesting: cam model trainer.   In the previous article I asked my colleagues from Studio20 what are the requirements to become a cam model trainer, now is the time to find out what are the responsibilities, what does a day on the job look like and what are the benefits for which the cam model trainer job has become one of the more sought after at the moment.   “When you start as a trainer you have a training yourself, together with someone from the Studio20 team, go through all the procedures and learn what are both the rules of Studio20 and the rules of the site we work with. Go through a training of a few weeks, as in the case of any normal job. Training means analyzing the daily activity of the models, setting goals and motivation behind the job, supervising and guiding beginner and experienced models.… [Read More...]


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