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Don't let your personal and professional life interfere. Best quotes after a breakup

Don't let your personal and professional life interfere. Best quotes after a breakup
Going to work the next day after a breakup can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it's a blessing because work allows you to forget about your personal problems and changes the focus of your mind to something productive. Furthermore, you are surrounded by your colleagues, who can also be your friends, which means they will be supportive if you decide to tell them what's going on in your life. On the other hand, if you find it hard to concentrate on what you have to do and think only about him, it's a curse because it can affect your professional status as well. This is the last thing you need since you are already distraught in your personal life and your job might be the last thing you hold on to. Therefore, you need to get up from your misery, hold your head up high, and don't think less of yourself than you deserve. This is precisely why we selected some of the most powerful quotes you should read after an ugly breakup. They will help you regain confidence… [Read More...]

The best movies to watch & recommend in 2020

The best movies to watch & recommend in 2020
Movies have always been one of America's favorite pastimes, but during this Coronavirus pandemic they prove crucial for our wellbeing. Most of us are isolated in our homes for 24 hours a day, with little to do except work, eat and sleep. In these conditions, Netflix seems like a true blessing since it allows us to spend time in a fun and useful way. Even if you watch movies alone, you can still recommend them to family and friends or debate them, if they already saw it. You can do the same thing with your members if you work in non-adult online modeling. Whenever you seem to consume all the possible topics, movies will always save you. Just ask them what their favorite movie is or if they saw your favorite movie of all times. Or, if you want recommendations, you can read this article and find out which are the most important romantic films in history. If you haven’t seen them already, it's high time you do, since we are talking about real masterpieces made in Hollywood and… [Read More...]

Truth or Dare: the best questions to ask your members

Truth or Dare: the best questions to ask your members
The best part about being a non-adult webcam model is that, even though you don't have to undress or engage in any sexual activity with your members, you will never run out of subjects or things to do during the session. For example, you can role-play, talk about the latest books you read or about the weather in a different style, impress your members with a few words in their native language, talk about football or even engage in Big Talk. We already covered all these subjects on our blog, so now it's time to introduce you to another one. We are talking about Truth or Dare, the famous game usually played on teambuilding, nights with friends or even between 2 or more couples, in a kinkier way. However, the version of Truth or Dare we will present to you below sounds more like a combination between Big Talk and role-playing since the questions will not necessarily be sexual. Furthermore, in order not to waste time during the session, you can send your members the questions below,… [Read More...]

Role-playing, one of the most entertaining activities for models and their members

Role-playing, one of the most entertaining activities for models and their members
As a webcam model, meeting a new member is always exciting. Just like a first date, you barely know anything about the man in front of you, when you first see each other. You start by introducing yourselves, then you ask one another “how are you?” and “what are you up to?”. After that, you start talking about your hobbies and find out you have more or less things in common. As things evolve, you start talking about general knowledge or topics such as sports, cultural differences or news, such as the Coronavirus. However, even though you like each other, after a few sessions, things tend to get boring if you don't add a new incentive. We would suggest role-playing since it basically opens a whole new world of endless possibilities. The Oxford English Dictionary defines this activity as "the changing of one's behavior to fulfill a social role". As you can see, role-playing has both a fun, as well as an educational part, which makes it even more interesting.… [Read More...]

What does your favorite color say about you?

What does your favorite color say about you?
The awkward period we are going through, and especially the self-isolation part, has made us go back to basics and return to the most simple elements that define our life. I am not sure if this happens because we seem to have much more thinking time than usually, or because we found out how little we need to be happy. Just like on a first date, where you consumed all of your important questions and a random one just pops into your head, we would like to ask you: what is your favorite color? Along with your zodiac sign and your favorite movie, your color says a lot about your personality. And, funny enough, it's not about the shade itself, whether it's dark or bright, but about what the color stands for. As you will see below, there is no "right" or "wrong" color to like or embrace, since they all have positive meanings -. Actually, this is one of the reasons we decided to write this article: to show you that, even in the darkest of times, there is still hope… [Read More...]

What activities can you do in self-isolation due to Coronavirus?

What activities can you do in self-isolation due to Coronavirus?
The Coronavirus pandemic scared the whole planet and basically shut it down: the borders between countries have closed, schools were suspended, commercial entities halted their activity, while people were advised to stay home. If you find yourself in the same situation, you most likely consider it difficult, even though the only thing you are requested to do is not to leave your house. Young girls are usually very active and dynamic and staying inside for as long as 14 days doesn't seem like a very viable option. However, this is the only thing we can do to prevent the spread of this virus, and let doctors and authorities take care of the rest. Since you have no alternative than to stay inside, we have prepared a list of activities that will make time fly faster and not seem like you are wasting it. Without further ado, here are the activities you can do in self-isolation due to Coronavirus: 1. Online modeling from home. Although we normally recommend our models to work in our modern… [Read More...]

Everybody can do something against the coronavirus. Even webcam models!

Everybody can do something against the coronavirus. Even webcam models!
This year seemed to begin under the sign of the Australian fires and the threat of an imminent Third World War. However, at the end of January and the beginning of February, the real disaster struck: we are talking, of course, about the Coronavirus, which spread from China to the rest of the world, especially Italy. Until March 10th, China confirmed 80.756 cases and 3.136 deaths, Italy - 9.172 cases and 463 deaths, while the total balance stands at 114.452 cases and 4.026 deaths worldwide. The World Health Organization is on the verge of officially declaring a pandemic, while tens or even hundreds of thousands of people are trying to flee from the areas where quarantine is about to be declared. As you might have already figured out, media is sometimes exaggerating and spreading panic, while doctors tend to use a too complicated language, leaving the public puzzled and scared. This is where you, as a webcam model, can take action and help your members understand what the Coronavirus is… [Read More...]

The best icebreakers to start an interesting conversation with your members

The best icebreakers to start an interesting conversation with your members
Whether we are talking about a first date, a job interview or your first interaction with a member, the most difficult part is to start the conversation. You surely are familiar with that awkward silence accompanied by curious gazes, with both participants waiting for the other to say something. Because this scenario can be embarrassing for everybody, we have decided to make a list of the best icebreakers you could use. An icebreaker is defined by the Urban Dictionary as "a simple question to start up a conversation". The most interesting part is that, even though its importance can't be undermined, it's actually not crucial what you say or ask, but just the fact that you do it. Of course, for an icebreaker to be successful, it has to follow a few guidelines. First of all, to be effective, it has to be an open question, so not one you could answer just with "Yes" or "No". Secondly, although it is common sense, we have to say it: the icebreaker shouldn't… [Read More...]

5 of the best books to read in 2020 and how they can help you become better

5 of the best books to read in 2020 and how they can help you become better
There is a common misconception regarding webcam models: that they are not very smart and that they don't read at all. However, as you already know, by working at Studio 20, we truly emphasize on intellectual development and nourishing the brain. Since you don't have to undress to entice members to spend as long as possible with you, the only thing you can rely on is your imagination. Precisely, you have to always find new subjects and topics to discuss with your members, you have to be empathetic and learn how to put yourself in somebody else's shoes. And what better way to do that than to read? Reading is such a fun and exciting way to enrich yourself, both from a cultural, as well as a social point of view. Of course, we are not talking about Charles Dickens' or Ernest Hemingway's classics, which could seem a little outdated and boring for young women today. Rather, we mean the most sought-after books of 2020, which are already selling like hotcakes and will soon… [Read More...]

How did the decision of becoming a non-adult studio impact our models?

How did the decision of becoming a non-adult studio impact our models?
Studio 20 is the biggest non-adult webcam modeling agency in the world, with locations in three countries on three continents: Romania, Colombia, and the United States. A few years ago, we went through the biggest shift in our over 17 years of experience on the market. More precisely, we became a premium non-adult cam studio. This implies that our models don't have to undress or engage in any type of sexual activity during their working hours. This big change impacted them on many levels, but only with positive outcomes, as you will see below. First of all, the fact that they don't have to get naked made them more eager to work in the modeling agency industry. Since the change, we didn't reduce their earnings, actually quite the contrary. Therefore, the idea of making a lot of money without actually have to drop clothes enticed them even more. We have noticed an increase in the number of applications in our American studios, located in Los Angeles and Phoenix. This is in part… [Read More...]


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