Why Studio 20?

Why Studio 20?


Studio 20 is an international company, with over 17 years of experience in the online modeling industry, with locations in 3 continents: Europe, North America, and South America. More precisely, we have Jasmin Gold certified studios in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Oradea, Craiova, Brasov, Ploiesti, Los Angeles and Cali (Colombia) and hundreds of webcam models who have legal artist-performer contracts, private medical insurance, free individual courses, fidelity bonuses, credits with no interest and lots of other benefits.

Our team of specialists has the necessary knowledge and abilities to transform every webcam model into a star of the online modeling industry. The team’s role is to support you every step of the way, in order for you to maximize your earnings, which will help you fulfill your dreams. The experience we accumulated over the years will be used to your benefit so that you can perform webcam jobs in the best conditions and fulfill your financial objectives in the shortest time. 

Studio 20, the biggest studio in the world, offers you the chance to perform webcam jobs in a clean and beautifully decorated workspace, with high-class technology, alongside the best team in the online modeling industry. The challenges we faced from 2001 until today helped us to constantly improve ourselves so that we can offer our webcam models the support they need to maximize their earnings. We are beside you at every challenge, we support you and we will transform you into a top glamor webcam model, who can earn up to $25,000 per month!


Online modeling is legally regulated. As a Studio 20 webcam model, you will benefit from a legal contract, which complies with all legislation.

Every model that wants to work at Studio 20 will sign a contract, in which the rights and obligations of each party involved will be very clearly stipulated. To ensure fairness and transparency, we will sign this contract on your first day of work and you will receive a copy immediately after.           

Besides the initially signed contract with Studio 20, at each payday, we will issue an addendum, in which we will specify the earnings from each online modeling website for that time period, the percentage that you take, the taxes owed and, finally, the net amount that you will collect, as a result of your webcam job. You will sign this addendum and you will get a copy. The net amount specified in it will then be transferred into your bank account. We ensure you from the start that we will deal with transparency and fairness so that we have a long-term beneficial cooperation.

Company Staff

We are a young, serious and united team. We are beside you 24/7, to give you full support and understanding, whenever you need it. Considering you spend a lot of time at the studio performing webcam jobs, maybe more time than with family or friends, it’s very important to be surrounded by optimistic, trustworthy and united people. In our studio, you will meet a young collective, available 24/7 to give you the necessary support and all the info you need. It’s necessary to treat your workplace with seriosity and respect, so you can become a successful webcam model.

15-20 people from every studio strive daily so you can have the optimal conditions in order to perform webcam jobs.

Our team consists of 8 departments:

1. The management department
This department consists of the CEO and the managers of each studio. They make sure that the whole team does their job and work in benefit of the webcam models.

2. The training department
This is one of the most important departments because it helps the webcam models gain useful info about webcam jobs and the online modeling industry. In every Studio 20 location, at least 4 female trainers, who were webcam models for a long time, now share their experience to the beginner webcam models. In your first 5 days, they will tell you what you have to do when you perform webcam jobs and how to act in front of the camera, in order to maximize your earnings. Your personal trainer will first explain you the theoretical part, and then she will show you numerous examples. If you think you need more time to assimilate the info, the training period can be extended.

3. The technical support department
The four members of this department assure the quality and good functioning of the technical equipment used in the online meetings between the webcam models and members. They ensure that the girls who perform webcam jobs for Studio 20 have the best audio and video ratings on all sites they work on. Also, we will offer you 24/7 technical support and you will always have 2 colleagues who can fix all issues in maximum 35 minutes after you ask for help.

4. The HR department
It's the first department you come in contact with at Studio 20. Our colleagues will present you the studio, will tell you the job's attributions and will clarify each person's role within the team. You can ask them anything you want to know, they will guide you so you can understand what this job is all about.

5. The financial/administrative department
This department assures transparency and fairness at Studio 20. On your first day, you will sign a legal artist-performer contract, in which the rights and obligations of each side are specified. The financial department will give you a copy immediately after signing the contract.

6. The artistic department
Our studio provides you with female professional photographers and video editors, so you can be as relaxed as possible during the shoots. With their help, your studio profile will look flawless, so you can impress the members with your photo and video gallery.

7. The styling department
In order for you to look fabulous everyday you perform webcam jobs, a make-up artist and a hairstylist will take care of your image. Regardless of the style you want to adopt (natural, sophisticated or elegant), you will have a neat look that will make you feel beautiful. If you`re confident and sexy, your fans will be crazy about you. 

8. The cleaning department
When you have a clean workplace, you love to come to work. The cleanliness and freshness make you feel good, so you can concentrate on your tasks, in order to achieve your desired results. Our cleaning department team makes sure everything is clean, so you can perform webcam jobs in an excellent workspace.

                                      (Make your dreams come true with Studio 20)

What other benefits do the Studio 20`s webcam models have:

1. A cumulative commission of up to 65% of the earnings
At Studio 20, male and female models who apply for webcam jobs and are accepted, will be able to earn up to 65% more by cumulating the 50% gross commission with the following bonuses:
- 2% if you stay online for at least 90 hours during that period;
- 5% if you stay online more than 100 hours during that period;
- 5% if the income exceeds $ 10,000 at that time;
- 5% if the model completes a full year in Studio 20`s team.

2. Safety and stability
Studio 20 is a company with over 17 years of experience in the online modeling industry, which has 11 studios all over the world: in Europe, North America and South America. With plans to open new locations every year, you don`t have to worry about the stability of your job, like it usually happens with other studios that don`t stay open for a very long time.

3. International recognition and Jasmin Gold Certification
Studio 20 is the first and only Jasmin Gold-certified studio - the highest possible level, which offers webcam jobs to all young women who want to change their lives for the better. This title is an official reward for our company's and webcam models` efforts, as well as a recognition of a special partnership between the two brand names that share the glamor online modeling niche, a partnership that results in preferential conditions for Studio 20`s models. Beyond the certificate, more important is the fact that at least 15-20% of the models that are topping the Jasmin chart are Studio 20`s models.

4. Transparency and fairness
Studio 20 not only offers you a stable job but also a chance to work in a law-abiding studio. When you choose to perform webcam jobs for Studio 20, you`ll sign an artist-performer contract in 2 copies, one of which you will keep for yourself. You will know from day one what are your rights and your obligations. You can also view this information online, whenever you want to. Due to the fact that we are fair and transparent, we want you to know everything about your performance, so every time you get paid, you will sign an additional form in which you will see the amount of money you earned from each site, your total and your commission.

5. Glamor approach
At Studio 20, you can perform webcam jobs without taking your clothes off. This way, beginner webcam models can earn a lot of money in a relaxed environment.

6. Privacy or promotion
There are webcam models who need to stay unknown and we respect their decision, offering them 100% secrecy. No one in our organization will reveal their real name and they will work under a nickname. If the webcam models publically assume their profession and need promotion, we can help them build a successful brand. This way, they will earn more money from online modeling, but also from affiliation programs and personal sites.

7. Free training courses and financial help
If you want to perform webcam jobs for Studio 20, you don`t need any previous experience. In your first 5 days on our team, you`ll have the assistance of a devoted mentor, who will show you everything you need to know about the online modeling industry. If you don`t feel quite ready to start performing webcam jobs on your own, you can extend the training period.

Also, anytime you feel overwhelmed or you find yourself in a difficult situation, you will be able to ask our support team for help. You`ll constantly have at least 2 colleagues per shift who can help you with any problem you may have. Even if they are busy or in a break, someone will be able to assist you within 35 minutes of asking for help on Skype.

Studio 20 helps beginner webcam models to complete their makeup kits and their work wardrobe. If you spend at least three months on our team, you`ll receive the products as a gift from Studio 20! If you don`t follow the work schedule or if you`re not serious, we will retain the value of the products from your last payment.

If you perform webcam jobs for Studio 20 for at least 6 months, you have the opportunity to get an interest-free loan directly from Studio 20. This way, you will be able to buy your own car and apartment. You will have to bring a minimum of 20% of the required amount and the remaining 80% will be provided by Studio 20. You will pay back the money you owe in monthly installments from your earnings.

Also, after 12 months without interruption in our team, you`ll receive a fidelity bonus, according to the earnings you made.

8. Significantly guaranteed traffic
Our company allocates a marketing budget of over $ 100,000 each month for models who perform webcam jobs for Studio 20 in order to have dedicated, rotating traffic. Every day, they receive more than 300,000 visits online, so they always have someone to talk to. An important source of traffic is our exclusive partner, LiveJasmin.


Over the years, Studio 20 has received the most important awards in this industry, at the most prestigious festivals held in North America, South America, and Europe. Every time, our team went on stage to receive the trophy for Best Studio, which is proof of the supreme recognition of this brand performance.


The awards won by Studio 20 are:

- Live Cam Studio of the Year (GFY Awards, 2015 and 2016);
- Best Emerging Studio and Best Live Cam Studio (AW Awards, 2015, 2016, 2017);
- Best Emerging Studio and Best Cam Studio (YNOT Awards, 2015 and 2016);
- Best Global Live Cam Studio (LalExpo 2016);
- 11 trophies for Studio 20 (Live Cam Awards, 2016 and 2017);
- Cam Studio of the Year (Xbiz, 2017);
- Best Romanian Cam Studio and Best Marketing Campaign (YNOT Awards 2017).

We are proud of our accomplishments, which are a recognition of our professional management, constant investments in opening new studios both in Romania and abroad (Los Angeles, US, and Cali, Colombia) and our efforts. 

We couldn`t have been where we are today without the help of an amazing, ambitious, hard-working and talented team of webcam models! They received numerous trophies at online modeling industry galas held in Prague (Czech Republic), Barcelona (Spain), Los Angeles and Las Vegas (USA), Cartagena (Colombia) and Mamaia (Romania), proving that Studio 20 has the necessary abilities, motivation, and resources to recruit and transform webcam models in successful women, who earn up to $10,000 per month.

The main prizes won by Studio 20's webcam models are:

1. Devious Angel – Best CamModel at Live Cam Awards 2015, AW Awards 2016, LalExpo 2016 and Xbiz 2017. Also, she is the first Romanian model to win the most important prize in the US, AVN Fanvote Model, in 2016;
2. Raquelle Diva – Best Cam Model at YNOT 2015 and Best Romanian Model at LalExpo 2016;
3. Sasha Red – Best Personal Site at AW Awards 2015, Best Cam Model, at YNOT Prague 2016 and Best European Cam Model, at XBIZ 2017.
4. Taniussha – Best Newcomer Model at AW Awards 2016;
5. Rebecca000 (Studio 20 Victoriei) - Aspiring Live Cam Model at Live Cam Awards 2017;
6. Natasha Chase (Studio 20 Timisoara) - Best Attitude at Live Cam Awards 2017;
7. Lara Dixon (Studio 20 Cluj) - Best Show at Live Cam Awards 2017.
8. Eva Devine - Best Solo Website at AW Awards 2017
9. Glamy Anya - Best Fetish Model at AW Awards 2017;
10. Aubrey Novaa - Best New Model at YNOT Awards 2017.

Here is the interview given by our colleague, Devious Angel, shortly after receiving the "Best Live Cam Model Personal Site" trophy at the Live Cam Awards gala in 2015: 


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Hi, I am Ana and I want to get to know you better. I want to work with you. I have worked for another agency before and I was pretty good at it. I do not have a web address.



What is the age cut off for beginners?



Yes, you do.



Please email us at [email protected]



Hi, I am very interested to work in Studio 20 from home. I am currently based in the UAE. Please let me know how could I start. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Monique



Just call us :)



Hello, we do not have a studio in Barcelona yet, but we are working on this. If you want to work from home and you have a laptop, a nice room and some lights please contact [email protected].


Webcam Model Jobs

If you arrived here, let's try the next step: get in touch with us! You can contact us by phone or you can write here, in our contact form. We'll get back at you shortly after and we will schedule you for an interview.


ACM by Studio 20:

Bogota (Colombia):


  • 43C Molidului street, 12th floor, Brasov, jud. Brasov, Romania. Cod postal 500295
  • (+4) 0752.199.199
  • [email protected]

Bucharest - Unirii:

  • City Business Center, Nerva Traian Street no. 3, 5th floor, 3rd District, Bucharest, postal code 031041
  • (+4) 0786 070 050
  • [email protected]

Bucharest - Victoriei:

  • Calea Victoriei, No. 155, section 7, 1st Floor, 1st District, Bucharest, Romania
  • +40 748 777 757
  • [email protected]

Cluj Napoca:

  • Strada Lunetei 15, cartier Andrei Mureșanu, Cluj Napoca
  • (+4) 0724 773 477 | (+4) 0756 773 477
  • [email protected]



  • Imparatul Traian Street, No. 100, Craiova City, Dolj County, Romania, Postal Code: 200487
  • (+4) 0733 479 459
  • [email protected]

Cucuta (Colombia):

  • Av. 3 Este #1-50, La Ceiba, Cucuta, North Santander, Colombia
  • +57 317 4407706
  • [email protected]

Double D Grozavesti (Bucharest):

  • Splaiul Independentei, Nr. 291-293, 9th floor, district 6, Bucharest
  • (+4) 0746.315.315
  • [email protected]

Eva Agency (Bucharest, exclusively Flirt4Free):



  • Sucevei Street, No. 22, Bihor County, Oradea
  • (+4) 0724 773 477 | (+4) 0756 773 477
  • [email protected]


  • I.C. Bratianu Blvd, no. 3, Fortuna Complex, Pitesti, Arges County, Romania, postal code 110053
  • (+4) 0734 343 432
  • [email protected]

Ploiesti :

  • Romana Street, No. 28-30, Ploiesti, Prahova County, Romania, Postal Code 10038
  • (+4) 0746.315.315
  • [email protected]


  • Marasti Square (Doinei Entry, no. 19-21, 1st floor), city Timisoara, county Timis, Romania
  • (+4) 0746.315.315
  • [email protected]

Los Angeles:

  • 1253 Vine Street #15, Los Angeles, California 90038
  • (+1) 323 283 1411
  • [email protected]