Our Mission

Our Mission

Studio 20's professionalism is famous all over the world, our company enjoying the respect and appreciation of the online modeling industry, thanks to our Jasmine Gold Certification and the awards we won at important festivals held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Prague, Cartagena, and Mamaia. The glamor approach, constant innovation, dedication, work conditions and especially the marketing and promotion offered to our webcam models, who are topping a lot of live cam sites' charts around the world, recommend us as the best live cam studio in the world!

In the last few years, Studio 20 managed to win the most important trophies at international online modeling industry festivals, such as:

- Live Cam Studio of the Year (GFY Awards, 2015 and 2016);
- Best Emerging Studio and Best Live Cam Studio (AW Awards, 2015, 2016 and 2017);
- Best Emerging Studio and Best Cam Studio (YNOT Awards, 2015 and 2016);
- Best Global Live Cam Studio (LalExpo 2016);
- 11 trophies at the Live Cam Awards, 2016 and 2017;
- Cam Studio of the Year (Xbiz, 2017).

In addition to earning up to $25,000 a month, the webcam models we train and promote win important awards at international online modeling galas, such as:

- Raquelle Diva – Best Cam Model at YNOT 2015 and Best Romanian Model at LalExpo 2016;
- Sasha Red – Best Personal Site at AW Awards 2015, Best Cam Model, at YNOT Prague 2016 and Best European Cam Model, at XBIZ 2017.
- Devious Angel – Best CamModel at Live Cam Awards 2015, AW Awards 2016, LalExpo 2016 and Xbiz 2017. Also, she is the first Romanian model to win the most important prize in the US, AVN Fanvote Model, in 2016;
- Christiana Moore and Mistress Alexya – Best Non-Adult Model and Best Fetish Model, at Live Cam Awards 2016;
- Taniussha – Best Newcomer Model at AW Awards 2016;
- Rebecca000 (Studio 20 Victoriei) - Aspiring Live Cam Model at Live Cam Awards 2017;
- Natasha Chase (Studio 20 Timisoara) - Best Attitude at Live Cam Awards 2017;
- Lara Dixon (Studio 20 Cluj) - Best Show at Live Cam Awards 2017.

These awards have proven that we have the necessary abilities to help webcam models succeed. Moreover, the numerous mentions in the Romanian mass-media have established us as an example for other live cam studios. With over 17 years of experience in this domain and locations on three continents, Europe, North America and South America, Studio 20 is the biggest live cam studio company in the world! Currently, the Studio 20 network has 11 live cam studios, located in Bucharest (Studio 20 Unirii, Studio 20 Victoriei, and Studio 20 Men), Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Oradea, Craiova, Brasov, Ploiesti, Los Angeles and Cali (Colombia).

Besides the trophies won and the numerous locations, Studio 20 can boast of having the most pleasant working environment and a team that is very united and careful to the webcam models' needs. We are a law abiding live cam studio, therefore all our webcam models sign, from their very first day, an artist-performer contract and bi-monthly, they sign additional papers, in which are stated all the details of their activity.

We want to collaborate with ambitious young girls, who want to fulfill their financial objectives. We support you every step of the way, so you can reach the top. Also, we can achieve great results only through hard work, dedication, and mutual respect.

Here are some of the advantages of working for the best live cam studio in the world, Studio 20:

1. Safety and stability. 
If you work for the biggest live cam studio in the world, Studio 20, you will have a stable and legal job, where you can earn a lot of money! We are a well-known brand, with over 17 years experience in the online modeling industry and with 11 live cam studios on three continents (Europe, North America, and South America). In the near future, we plan to open new locations in many more countries, so we won`t disappear overnight with all your money like other live cam studios do. 

2. International recognition and Jasmin Gold Certification. 
Studio 20 is the world's best and biggest live studio, receiving numerous awards at international online modeling award ceremonies held in Mamaia, Prague, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Cartagena. Also, Studio 20 is the first cam studio in the world to receive the Jasmin Gold Certification. This means that all Studio 20`s cam girls earn more money, and they benefit from preferential conditions and permanent dedicated support.

3. Legality, transparency, and fairness. 
Studio 20 offers artist-performer contracts to all webcam models, from the first day at the live cam studio. These contracts are signed in 2 copies and each webcam model receives her own copy. Also, once every 2 weeks, they sign an additional paper, in which are stated all the details regarding their work on live cam sites. 

4. Personal trainer and permanent support. 
If you want to work in one of our live cam studios, you don`t need any previous experience in the online modeling industry. In your first 5 days in our team, you`ll receive your own dedicated trainer, who will teach you everything there is to know in order to become successful. After this period has passed, if you`re not feeling ready and if you want more support, you can extend the training period. 
Moreover, if you need help, you will be able to ask our 24/7 support team for help. They will help you solve any problem you may encounter along the way. 

5. Free individual courses
Once you are part of our live cam studio`s team, you`ll receive individual English, general knowledge and makeup courses, which will help you evolve both professionally and personally. 

6. Glamor approach. 
At our live cam studio, you have the opportunity to perform glamor online modeling, which combines the lack of nudity from non-adult online modeling with the significant earnings similar from adult online modeling.
This way, all beginner webcam models have the chance to gain more confidence in their abilities and to become true masters of seduction!

7. Confidentiality and promotion. 
There are webcam models who want to remain anonymous and we respect their choice, offering them 100% confidentiality. Nobody at our live cam studio will give out their personal information and they will work under a pseudonym. But if you want to be a star of the online modeling industry, we will use all the knowledge and resources to help you build a successful brand. This way, you`ll win more money and you`ll be able to fulfill your dreams!

8. Financial help for debutants. 
All beginner webcam models receive financial help to complete their makeup kit and work wardrobe. If they stay with our team for at least 3 months, they will receive the products we purchased as a gift from us. But if they leave before completing the three months period or if they don`t respect your work schedule, we will retain the value of the products from their last payment.

9. Credits with no interest and fidelity bonuses. 
After 6 months in our cam studio`s team, you will have access to interest-free loans directly from us, so if you want to buy your own house or car, you have to bring 20% of the sum, and we`ll cover the rest. You will return the money you owe in monthly installments from the earnings you make on webcam modeling sites.
Also, we reward performance and hard work through loyalty bonuses awarded after one year of uninterrupted activity in one of our live cam studios. These bonuses are calculated quarterly, depending on your earnings.

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