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Studio 20 proudly announces the inauguration of a new location in Bucharest, managed by two of this brand's best models: Raquelle Diva and Devious Angel. Due to their ambition, perseverance, and performances, they managed to open their own cam studio, where they will teach new models how to establish an international career and earn up to $25,000 dollars per month, just like them.

Who are we?

Hi! We are Oli and Devi (aka Raquelle Diva and Devious Angel), ex-top webcam models on LiveJasmin. Our activity in the online modeling industry allowed us, besides other essential personal achievements, to open our own cam studio. Having reached a certain level of performance in this domain, we felt we can share our secrets to achieving success.

Our achievements during the years materialized, besides money, in awards that validate our work, standing proof that perseverance and the desire to succeed are fully rewarded in this domain.

Here are a few of the awards we won:

- Best Live Cam Model 2015;
- Best Website;
- Best Female Cam;
- AVN and XBIZ Best Cam Model - the only awards of this kind ever won in Romania.

For us, this job meant a lot of ambition, self-discovery, dedication, trust, organization and yes, hard work. The reward was much bigger than our efforts: the reward was a new life for us.

Knowing what a model's job in a cam studio implies, we chose for our support and promotion team only experienced personnel, that will assure you all the support and help you need as a future cam model. Most importantly, we will always be there for you!

Truths about online modeling

Online modeling, at least in our country, is considered to be a taboo subject. We think it's time we treat this domain with the professionalism and transparency it deserves.

General concepts and ideas about online modeling:

- "In online modeling, you don't need anything else other than looks". Wrong, in online modeling the intellectual qualities are what recommends you first, while the physical qualities take the second place.
- "Online modeling brings huge earnings, instantly". This statement is also false, because, in order to reach substantial financial earnings, you have to be fully involved, hard-working and driven by a constant desire to evolve.
- "Online modeling means pornography". This statement is probably one of the most incorrect statements on online modeling. Online modeling doesn't mean porn, online modeling means socializing with people around the world. You decide which are your limits and we will help you respect them. The art of conversation and the intellectual and social abilities are the assets of a successful model.
- "Cam models are easy women". We hear this preconception very often. On the contrary, cam models are women who know what they want, who know their potential and their qualities. Cam models are women determined to succeed on their own, women who respect their feminity and intelligence.

The easiest way to counter those incorrect statements is to talk to experienced people in this domain,  who will explain how things really are. Preconceptions usually come from people who don't have anything to do with this domain. The fear that you will be judged for working in a cam studio shouldn't exist. People will judge you regardless of your decisions, what's important is that you are satisfied with your decision.

Our requirements from you, future successful cam models

1. Flexible thinking. First of all, in order to get hired at this cam studio, you need a positive attitude. We emphasize on the communication between us and our models because we want to maintain a casual atmosphere and a relationship built on respect and mutual support.
2. Assuming your job. As a cam model, you have to treat this job with the same seriousness and involvement every job requires. Half-measures can stop you from achieving success.
3. Learning that potential earnings are only linked to your involvement. Yes, the potential of high earnings exists, but you are the decisive element in reaching it.
4. Intense promotion. We commit to assuring a personalized and strong promotion, which will bring you high earnings. In order to benefit from this advantage, you need to be aware of the fact that this job comes with a certain level of exposure. If you get involved and leave preconceptions behind, success becomes a matter of time.

What do we offer?

- A workplace where the keyword is "teamwork", where every colleague is treated equally. We don't believe in hierarchies, we believe in collective effort and success.
- We are young and ambitious, so we will make everything we can in order for you to achieve success, which will make you aware of your capabilities. We take the unlimited possibilities of this job very seriously and we can help you discover it yourself.
- This cam studio's team is united, experienced, formed of people who show up at work happy. They will concentrate on your success and they will support you whenever you need.
- We offer you all you need in order to attain your goals, but you are the key factor in your own success.


If you are curious and want to have an open discussion, in which you will find out everything you need, phone us at + 04 0751 512 196 or write here, on our site, and we will schedule an interview together. During the interview, we will answer any question you have and we will give you all necessary details in order to make a decision based on correct information and total transparency.

We consider that success is guaranteed if you start with no doubts and no queries. It's essential that the relationship between us and the models is based on mutual trust.

We look forward to meet you at an interview!

Oli and Devi.

Splaiul Independentei, Nr. 291-293, 9th floor, district 6, Bucharest

(+4) 0751 512 194

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