Penthouse Timisoara

The NEW Studio20 Penthouse Timisoara cam studio offers many opportunities for a successful career in the camming industry. The 700 sqm location offers accessibility, as it's designed for comfort and safety. The studio has with a spectacular 400sqm terrace above the city, a jacuzzi, sauna, outdoor lounge, mini-golf course, fireplace, and more. These things will help the models to relax and get comfortable with the work environment.


The team in charge of technical support, marketing, and training will always ensure that the models receive the support they need. Each of the models will be helped, having the opportunity to evolve both professionally and personally. Both the friendly working environment and the lush cam studio location will support the models to go out of their way to get the best results.


We value your wishes, which is why you will have a flexible program, having the possibility to work during the day or at night, depending on your preferences. The models will operate in a legal framework, receiving a contract and having perfectly legal revenues. Moreover, they will have health insurance at a private clinic.


Experience is not necessary because you will have all the support you need inside the cam studio. Work and dedication are the paths to success. We understand this and we are here to help you.


At the Studio20 Penthouse Timisoara, you will have privacy and personal data protection, which is why you will work under a pseudonym, and your real name will not appear on any video chat site.


Here you will benefit from security and stability, Studio 20 being the best cam studio in the world, with over 20 years of experience in the field! We are a company with tradition, located on three continents (Europe, North and South America). 


As for your income, Studio 20 Penthouse Timisoara guarantees you a minimum payment of 1,000$ in the first 3 three months of activity. Models will benefit from this income regardless of their online performance during this period. At the same time, you can benefit from a cumulative commission of up to 75% of the winnings! 


The standard commission is 50%, to which you can add numerous bonuses depending on the performances in this cam studio, as follows:

  • 50% basic commission - this is the commission you start with from day one working with Studio20, anywhere in the world;

  • 5% bonus for 100 hours per period (including mobile streaming and video calls, so easier to reach) - this means your time online is calculated not only by the hours you spend in the studio but also you get a 5% more as you show dedication to your work. The trainers from Studio20 will teach you how to take advantage of the time spent online, so you can transform every minute into $.;

  • 5% bonus for sales over 15.000$ per period - pretty self-explanatory, the more you earn, the more you get. 

  • 5% bonus for good conversion rate (guests signing up from your chatroom);

  • 5% for perfect online behavior;

  • 5% for long term partnership - is paid in June each year for all the previous year. For example, on June 2020 was paid to all models for their income since 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019 - your long time partnership, friendship, and trust is not only celebrated but monetized every year;


Another aspect that contributes to the guarantee of your growing income, depending on your involvement in the cam studio, is that you will have a very high partner site traffic. Studio 20 provides more than 300,000 visitors per day to its models, thanks to its exclusive partnership with Live Jasmin and a marketing budget of over 100,000$ per month.


This cam studio's models will never sit for hours on free chat, without anyone in the room.


If you need it, you will benefit from the studio's financial support to complete your wardrobe or make-up collection. After three months in the studio, they will be offered free, and you don't have to pay. We will always put your needs first, and you will have all the support you need to reach your goal.


We are convinced that you will fit in perfectly and you will love both the location of our cam studio and the team. We have great plans for the future, and we want you to be part of them. Let's do a recap: friendly working environment, a young team you will work with, accessible location, carefully arranged rooms in lush style, mini-golf course, sauna, outdoor lounge, fireplace, a spectacular 400sqm terrace above the city. What do you think about such a work environment? We like to believe that we will form a family because we will welcome you with open arms and ready to help you grow. Besides the material benefits you have, we are convinced that you will have some personal development and learn many things.


Apply for this job and be a Studio20 Penthouse Timisoara model by contacting us by phone number 0786 560 058 or email address Choose smart!

Gheorghe Lazar, nr. 9, corp H, et. 4

(+4) 0786 560 058

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