Because you'll feel like a movie star

Because you'll feel like a movie star

Because you'll feel like a movie star

"Women have a certain sexuality and I think their bodies are beautiful, regardless of size. It doesn’t matter what a woman looks like. If she believes in herself, then she’s sexy." - Angelina Jolie


Webcam jobs: You’ll be pampered daily

When working as a webcam model, an entire team of professionals will take care of your appearance, making sure you are not only neat but beautiful as well. Webcam jobs are ideal for glamourous women! From your first day, you’ll benefit from the advice and guidance of makeup artists and hair & wardrobe stylists. A webcam model must take into account not only the physical aspects of the webcam job, but also the behavior, the gestures, the facial expressions and the language used in the company of the clients. Our staff will help you take advantage of your strengths and shine in front of the camera. Webcam jobs reveal the true woman inside of you. With the help of the styling department, you'll look great every day. You can opt for a natural, sophisticated or elegant look, and our makeup artist will help transform you into a star. If you will feel beautiful and confident, you will be perceived this way by those around you. 

Webcam jobs: You'll always be relaxed

To get the best results you also need relaxation. We offer these moments of leisure in the workplace. When working with Studio 20, you are offered a gym membership and a masseuse, who will be on hand daily to provide a relaxing massage. How many large companies can boast that they provide this service to their employees? Besides the treatment worthy of a queen that you will receive here, Studio 20 will also help you accomplish your financial dreams. We will grant a loan, without any interest, whether you want to purchase a car or a house, to go on a long dream holiday, or see a world-renown plastic surgeon. Talk about a job with benefits!

Webcam jobs: You’ll have photo and video shoots

To impress and attract the members of online modeling websites, you need a perfect photo and video portfolio. For this, we provide female professionals, for you to feel at ease. With experienced photographers and video editors, your profile on online modeling websites will look flawless. Take advantage of the webcam jobs Studio 20 offers and become an independent woman!

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