Online modeling is legally regulated. You will benefit from an employment contract, which complies with legislation. Take advantage of the best web cam job you'll ever find!

Every model will sign a contract with Studio 20,in which the rights and obligations of each party involved are clearly stipulated. To ensure fairness and transparency, we will sign this contract from the first day of work and you will receive a copy immediately after. 

In addition to the initially signed contract, we will issue an addendum with each payment. In this addendum, we will detail the earnings from each online modeling website for that period, the percentage that you take, taxes owed, and finally the net amount that you will collect as a result of your activity. You will sign this addendum and you will get a copy. The net amount specified in it will be immediately transferred into your bank account. We ensure you from the start of transparency and fairness, so that we have a long-term beneficial cooperation. 


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