5 mistakes I made during my first day as a webcam model

5 mistakes I made during my first day as a webcam model
It takes time to learn how things work, so, inevitably, we all make mistakes. In my first day as a webcam model, I was extremely stressed and, because of my emotions, I stumbled. I was lucky with the team of professionals at Studio 20, who cheered me up and helped me regain confidence in myself. But I hope that other webcam models will learn from my mistakes, listed below, and will get through their first day at work.

1. I hurried

I remember a faint warning sound and the announcement: "You are in the paid chat". I panicked. "What do I do now?", I thought with horror. Oh yes, I will offer the member a show. But, in less than 30 seconds, I was already naked. Big mistake! In private sessions, you are paid by the minute. So more minutes mean more money. When you are in the private chat, if you panic, the best thing to do is to take a deep breath and calm down. Welcome your member with a smile on your face. Don't hurry and don't hurry him either. When a client takes you to private chat, he usually has a special request, so the best thing to do is to say hi and ask him if he has any special requests for that session. If he says no, you can give wings to your imagination and offer him your standard show.

2. I offered myself for free

Most online modeling members don't want to pay any money in private session and you can't do anything about it. They are everywhere and they try to take advantage of every naive or emotional webcam model, just as I was my first day at work. Then, a guy posted on the chat: "BigSteve offered the model 100 chips". If I wasn't so overwhelmed and emotional in that moment, I surely would have realized it is a trick and I wouldn't have shown my breasts for free. I realized it was a trick when I checked my statistics and saw nothing else but zeros. A webcam model always knows when she is being paid, because the money announcement appears in a different color than usual messages on the chat.

3. I had butterflies in my stomach

It takes courage to be a webcam model. Of course, you are anonymous and you have the freedom to project any other aspect of your personality in this job, but you still have pressure. It's absolutely normal to feel butterflies in your stomach in your first day at work, but you don't have to let this nervousness overwhelm you. To get used to the atmosphere, write some lines before opening your microphone. Enjoy your emotions, because it's your first day as a webcam model, but it will pass faster than you think.

4. I tried so hard to be seductive

It's not recommended to try and seduce your members by any means. Despair is not at all attractive. When you work in a cam studio, it's best to relax and adapt to your position. You don't necessarily have to offer a big show to be paid. Try to keep an optimist attitude and be authentic. It's a lot sexier!

5. I acted like somebody else

In my first day, I had a distorted image of how a webcam model acts. I tried to imitate that image and I was so false that nothing good came out of it. Not to mention the fatigue I felt at the end of the day! Being yourself is truly the best advice in every domain. Moreover, cam sites' members want to communicate with someone authentic, with whom they can become friends, not the copy of a cliche. Be yourself and be patient. Your true fans will find you easier if you don't try to act like somebody else.



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