What does it mean to be a cam model trainer? (Part 2)

What does it mean to be a cam model trainer? (Part 2)

What does it mean to be a cam model trainer? (Part 2)


Among the many trades that have recently appeared in the workplace landscape, one of them seems extremely interesting: cam model trainer.


In the previous article I asked my colleagues from Studio20 what are the requirements to become a cam model trainer, now is the time to find out what are the responsibilities, what does a day on the job look like and what are the benefits for which the cam model trainer job has become one of the more sought after at the moment.


“When you start as a trainer you have a training yourself, together with someone from the Studio20 team, go through all the procedures and learn what are both the rules of Studio20 and the rules of the site we work with. Go through a training of a few weeks, as in the case of any normal job.

Training means analyzing the daily activity of the models, setting goals and motivation behind the job, supervising and guiding beginner and experienced models. ” Eduardo, Studio20 Bogota cam model trainer


"To say that you get bored at work is something we, as cam model trainers, don't know anything about. Every day a new challenge, an obstacle, or an opportunity appears. You work with people and in addition to your active role as a "teacher" for models, you need to know how to be their friend, to trust you, but also to be strong enough to impose the rules but in an assertive way, so as not to ruin your relationship with them. You are constantly in balance, you are constantly learning something new from the management of Studio20, from the models, from their members.

These are stressful days, indeed, but then come the days of meetings where you see yourself and your colleagues sitting and analyzing how you can help someone get better. And after that you can't help but smile. There are also birthdays and holidays, which we spend together, all of which make us closer. As cliché, as it sounds, being a Studio20 cam model trainer, means being part of a family. Sure, we argue, we get upset, but we celebrate every victory together and work for the same goal. ” says Nicu, Studio20 trainer.


“Besides English courses, general culture, the very cool team we have as a Studio20 cam model trainer, we are actively involved in the community. Not infrequently, we participated in humanitarian campaigns, fundraising, educational campaigns, and so on. Many don't see that being a cam model trainer means more than sitting in front of a computer and watching a model. The life experience you gain, the way you push yourself, an the things you learn about yourself, even the constant fight against taboos, are incredible elements that you do not find in most jobs.

Besides, during the pandemic, we didn't suffer at all. We benefited from limousine transport from home to the studio and back, from medical check-ups. We didn't even have a moment of stress related to the safety of my job. " Vero, trainer dedicated to Studio20 Victoriei.



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