What is it like to be a non-nude webcam model?

What is it like to be a non-nude webcam model?
Many people, who have no idea what it means to be a webcam model, are critical and point the finger at us. Of course, many get naked in front of the camera and perform erotic shows, but just as many do non-nude online modeling, a concept that totally prohibits getting naked for their webcam job.

Yes, I am a webcam model who doesn’t undress herself for complete strangers and yet I earn as much money, maybe more, considering that what I do lasts longer than an online sex act. I often receive questions on this topic, because I don’t hide my profession from anyone. I told my family and friends about my career choice from the first day I started doing online modeling in a professional cam studio. I explained to them that I work for Studio 20, with an employment contract, I pay taxes and I have social and health insurance, I work on a flexible schedule, I have extraordinary working conditions and I enjoy a very friendly atmosphere. At first, they couldn’t believe that this kind of job exists, everything seemed too good to be true. How was it possible to earn this much money only by talking to all sorts of interesting people worldwide. However, with time, they realized that everything is for real and that you can have a legal and stable job, where you are appreciated and make great money. You just have to look for it and surely you'll find it at Studio 20, the best cam studio in the world.

How I spend the money that I earn as a webcam model

I mentioned earlier that I make a lot of money as a non-nude webcam model and now I’m going to tell you how I spend it. I know I might surprise you, but I don’t spend it on bags, shoes and holidays. Although I earn thousands of dollars per month, I don’t waste it on material things that lose their value as soon as you buy them. I’m aware that I will not be a nun-nude webcam model my entire life so I have to spend my money wisely. I use a part of them to pay my bills and to support my family, I invest in my education and I save for later.

I don’t know for how long I’ll be a webcam model, but certainly, afterwards, I will start my own business. Considering the fact that I became financially independent as soon as I turned 18 and I'm my own boss because I can set my own work schedule, it would be hard for me to end up working in a corporation, at least 10 hours a day and with no personal life. At first, I didn’t see things like this. In the first months as a webcam model, I spent all the money that I earned on all sorts of entertainment. I wanted to enjoy the fruits of my labor and I wanted to show everyone what a good life I have. But then I looked around and I realized that time passes and I have to think a of long-term plan.

You may be wondering what does a non-nude webcam model do in front of the camera if she doesn’t get undressed. Don’t all men contact online models to talk about sex and see nudity? No, not all do. Most men go online because they are lonely, bored or just want to talk about their problems to someone who doesn’t judge them but instead accepts them as they are. This is where I step in and become their friend, buddy, psychologist, confidant, you name it. The more cheerful, optimistic and energetic I am, the more I can do my job better. I commit myself 100% to this career and I’m very serious about it. You can’t be successful if you work as a non-nude webcam model from home or you go online only when you feel like it. Therefore, it’s extremely important to work for a professional cam studio such as Studio 20. People here know what to do to put me on my feet whenever I have a bad day and I can count on them for anything.

I'm glad I chose this path in life, even if I have my bad days, just like any other person, but in the long run I know I made the best choice!

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