What preconceived ideas exist about webcam models?

What preconceived ideas exist about webcam models?
Online modeling is a very profitable occupation so there is a good chance that many of us know at least one person who works as a webcam model, either in a professional cam studio, such as Studio 20, or from home. 

Many point their finger at webcam models because they don`t really know what is hiding behind the curtain. They don`t know that this term refers to a form of online video communication between two people (webcam model and member). Initially, the discussion takes place in the free chat room, and if the member wants exclusivity, the discussion takes place in a private chat room for a fee.

Webcam models can choose to work in the adult field, where private shows can have an erotic content or in the non-adult field, where it is forbidden to undress in front of the camera. In this case, private sessions are more like a conversation between two good friends. Thus, intimate confessions and shows take place between two people in a relaxing and secure setting. Discussions between webcam models and members can vary and the girls approach topics that are equally interesting for both sides: music, movies, hobbies, books, relationships, etc. They are also private, so no one has access to them.

In general, webcam models have the freedom to select members and topics of conversation. Although members pay for these services, if a webcam model doesn`t want to respond to a request or doesn`t want to talk about a particular topic, she can divert the discussion to the desired theme without any problem. In addition, they can have any kind of attitude in front of the camera as long as it is civilized and doesn`t harm the interests of any party involved.

We've detailed these things to better understand what webcam models are doing. With the right information, people will no longer be tempted to put labels and misjudge this occupation. They will understand that, in fact, online modeling is a job like any other. For example, from a certain point of view, webcam models are just like actresses. They put on different masks, depending on each member, creating different versions of the ideal woman. This role is not easy at all, and it requires a lot of skills, such as imagination, creativity, diplomacy, communication, socialization, personal development, etc. The better a webcam model plays a role, the more money she will earn.

From the outside, it is very easy to condemn people who choose to earn their living in this manner, but when you get to know this industry better, you end up admiring them for their ambition, perseverance, effort, and seriousness. Their basic motivation to become webcam models is the financial gain, which is very high compared to other industries, but also the fact that they have at their disposal extraordinary working conditions (various decorations, impeccable cleaning, luxury, modern equipment, technical support, trainers, make-up artist, hairstylist etc.).

Few people know that many webcam models have a family (a husband, wife and a child) and there`s a percentage of models who work in parallel in corporations, banks or public institutions. Outside the cam studio, they lead normal lives, just like everyone else. Nobody has a perfect job because each job has advantages and disadvantages. There is no such thing as a good or bad job, as long as it is legal and it helps you live the life you dreamed of.

Webcam models should not be judged for choosing this profession because they do everything they can to earn a living without adversely affecting others. They may be misunderstood and criticised, that`s why they want a certain level of confidentiality. Therefore, professional cam studios don`t reveal their identity, so if they want to work in another industry at some point they can do it without any problem. Studio 20 ensures a warm and enjoyable work environment, where webcam models can receive all the moral support they need to overcome everyday problems and prejudice. Our team is always right beside you because only together we can succeed!


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