20 things you must know before becoming a webcam model at Studio20 (Part 1)

20 things you must know before becoming a webcam model at Studio20 (Part 1)

Webcam models are private escorts.

Webcam models are dating the site members.

Webcam models earn millions of dollars.

Webcam models don't have a private life.


These are just some of the things that a webcam model hears every day. They are 100% wrong. #girlsfromStudio20 are here to help you understand the online modeling activity and make the right choice, based on the truth rather than stories.


1. You are your own master - this means that your family, neighbours, grade-school friends or your aunt's mother-in-law can't tell you how to live your life, they don't pay your bills and their opinion about your activity as a webcam model should not make you doubt yourself.


2. Thank you for dinner! Do you know the moment when, after a plentiful meal, you get up and you leave? Same principle applies to all aspects of your life. You must give thanks for the meal, get up and go. People will have their own opinions and you will be given lessons about your life. Give thanks for them and tell them you are intolerant.


3. You are not the fountain of anyone's wishes! We've all had at least one family debate in which we were told “I wanted to make you a doctor/lawyer/astronaut”. The fact that your family wants what's best for you does not mean that you must satisfy all their wishes and sacrifice your happiness. The fact that your boyfriend imagines you at home, doing dishes, must not make you change your way of seeing life or force you to put yourself second.


4. The most profitable investment is in you! Many times we disregard our needs and focus on those of others, forgetting that the most important thing is to look after ourselves. Here, at Studio 20, we not only value your health, but we also offer medical and dental private medical care to make sure that you are treated in the right manner.


5. Learn to say “NO”! As a webcam model you will earn big money quickly (not $1,000 per hour from the first month, but more than most people). Try not to lend people money or to support your boyfriend's newly found passion for gambling. Now that you're starting to earn well, more and more people will want to hang out with you. Remember that you can earn the most when you are well-rested.


6. Dark spots under your eyes are not sexy at all! We believe that you know by now how the human body works and you certainly know that if you sleep more the next day, it will not fill the gap left last night. No amount of make-up can help you look fresh and, at the end of the day, it's just not worth it! Eat healthy, go to the gym, and take good care of yourself if you want to succeed as a webcam model.


7. It's a virtual communication activity, not a sexual one! At Studio 20 you will not have or pretend to have sex with anyone and you will not meet any member in real-life. Under no circumstance!


8. The law applies! You probably think that tax law does not apply to online modeling. When you start working for Studio 20, you sign a legal contract and you have to pay taxes according to state laws. It's nice to have money, but when tax season comes, no one is ignored.


9. Keep the members on camera! According to the myth, webcam models meet up with members in real life. That would be dangerous. Don't think that you can outsmart 100 admins and 10 trainers that check your conversations. If you try to meet the members, you will get caught and pay a nasty fine, and this is the best case scenario. In the worst one, you will meet the member and risk your safety or your family's safety.


10. We are stronger together! Online modeling doesn't just require staying online in a dark room for 8 hours each day, without socializing with real people. Working for a professional studio, you have the chance to create true friendship bonds with the girls that you work with, which can motivate and support you. These are people that go through the same things you do, so they will understand you. We succeed together!  



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