6 Reasons to be a webcam model instead of an escort

6 Reasons to be a webcam model instead of an escort
Online modeling is a very attractive job opportunity because it allows you to be your own boss. You have the freedom to set your own schedule, to work from a cam studio or from home and you can earn a lot of money even though you don’t have any experience or a college degree. The sky is the limit, that is the motto for every webcam model in the industry.
Performing as a webcam model has more benefits than working as an escort and I’ll explain you why:
1. Cam girls never have to meet their clients. 

The main reason that young and beautiful girls choose this career is the money they earn without even meeting their clients. Face to face interaction can be a risky business because you can never know who you are really meeting, if he is  nice or if he has good intentions. Furthermore, an escort has to travel to the clients house or hotel which takes her out of her comfort zone. A webcam model gets to do her job through a video camera over the internet, from home or from a cam studio.
2. Cam girls have more control over what they do.  

As an escort, you have to travel to the client’s place or invite him to your location.  He may sound just fine on the phone, but you never know who you’re dealing with until after you’ve met him. However, a webcam model can block the clients she doesn’t like and controls the time she spends online.
3. Cam girls don’t cheat on their partners
Online modeling helps girls protect their personal life because they only communicate with unknown people through a video camera. They never meet face to face with their clients, so you can’t say they cheat on their boyfriends or husbands . Private sessions are just a form of entertainment which is far more attractive and less risky for both sides. Contrary to that, escorts need to be in the same room with the men they meet which most of the times leads to sex. And we all know that sex can involve later health problems.
4. Cam girls can have several clients at the same time. 

A webcam show can be viewed by 10, 20 or even 30 clients at the same time, which is far more profitable than the show you put on only for one person. An escort can never interact with 30 clients a day and, even if she could do that, she
would be extremely exhausted in the end.
5. Webcam models appeal to a global audience.

An escort is limited by location and, she would have to invest a lot of time and resources if she were to travel long distance to meet her client. However, a webcam model can benefit of clients from all over the world with a single click.  The larger the audience, the more money she makes.
6. Online modeling doesn’t isolate you from society.

In U.S.A, an escort can work only from her own property, since it’s illegal to solicit on the street. This implies that if neighbors complain about your activity to your landlord, you risk being evicted. A webcam model can also work in a cam studio along with other girls, which means nobody has to know about her job.
Furthermore, webcam jobs are much more socially accepted among the families and friends of the webcam model.


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