Confessions of a non-adult webcam model

Confessions of a non-adult webcam model
Although most people view webcam modeling as a great deal of money earned through nudity and sexual activities, I can sincerely state that I've enjoyed earnings of thousands of dollars throughout the time as a webcam model without having to take my clothes off. How? By practicing glamour online modeling, a soft version of what people might think. 

How is non-adult modeling different from the classic version? 
Unlike the classic cam jobs, where the webcam model must take her clothes off to satisfy the fantasies and desires of men that enter her room, the glamour online modeling totally excludes nudity. I, for example, only use my personal charm, experience, and intelligence to attract members and offer entertainment to my fans, without ever having to take my clothes off.

I try listening to men I interact with when they share their problems and thoughts because they're not looking for a sex performer, but an attractive and intelligent woman that's capable to keep all their secrets and give good advice once in a while. They need to feel stronger and more confident and also get rid of the boredom or tiresome moments in a day. It's basically online therapy. This is my role: to be their friend, confident and psychologist.   

My friends and family know that I am a glamour webcam model at Studio 20
Because there's no shame in having conversations with all kinds of different and interesting people all over the world through a video stream, I have no problem mentioning my close ones about non-adult online modeling. I've explained the legal framework of this activity and the benefits of my contract. I've also told them about the deluxe conditions that I enjoy here, the friendly environment, the appreciation I receive and the fact that I earn really well. Based on my implication and seriousness, I can enjoy lots of monthly bonuses and benefits. All my income is 100% safe and legal, taxed according to the state law, facts that give me comfort and satisfaction. 

The VIP treatment that I enjoy 
Studio 20 provides absolutely everything I need to have a successful career as a glamour webcam model at an international level: top-notch equipment, professional lights, non-stop tech support, themed rooms, special outfits, and places for relaxation with all the comfort and luxury money can buy. I also have unlimited access to a team of professional hairstylists and makeup artists, massage services and a fitness center. On top of all that, I've taken English and general knowledge classes that helped me grow both personally and professionally, training offered by the company. 

How do I spend the money I earn as a non-adult webcam model? 
I have to admit: initially, I directed all my revenue to expensive clothing, accessories and professional makeup kits. Then I started traveling all over the world, and now I'm thinking about putting some money away for an apartment... I need to move out of my parents' house. Meanwhile, I've helped them with money for different household needs and I've paid for college. Oh, yeah, I have one more little secret! With the money I earn as a non-adult webcam model, I managed to fulfill a dream that many women share: I've augmented my breasts. This helped me gain more confidence and I can really say that working as a glamour webcam model only brought me benefits and joy! 


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