Why I think it’s best to work for Studio 20, my favorite cam studio

Why I think it’s best to work for Studio 20, my favorite cam studio
Lights, camera, action! I bet you never thought that undressing in front of a video camera, connected to the Internet, could be so complicated. I see so many young women lured by the promise of great money who are doing online modeling from home and are constantly disappointed with their results. This is because they have no idea how much work it takes to succeed in this field. They think it is much better to work on their own so they don’t have to share the money with a cam studio. They believe that if they work hard in front of the camera and the cam studio does nothing else but benefit financially, right? Wrong! There are some very good reasons why it’s far better to work as a webcam model from a large cam studio like Studio 20 than to do online modeling from home:

I, myself, thought everything was written in those webcam jobs’ ads. I dedicated myself to this career with passion and I thought I was going to earn a lot of money as a webcam model working from home. It didn’t happen. Even after one year in the live cam industry, I wasn’t earning much. I could barely pay for my basic needs, the rent and a night out. I was better off when I used to work as a waitress, at least then I knew how much I was going to make every month. Honestly, I couldn’t stay logged on the live cam websites as long as I wanted to: the phone kept ringing, I was getting headaches, my girls used to drop by...

Finally, I admitted to myself that I made a huge mistake and I got a job at a cam studio. I was lucky enough to meet some great people there who not only provided the best working conditions, but treated me like a friend, not as an employee. Being able to work along with professionals has helped me learn a lot about this webcam job and I managed to achieve my financial goals, that I could only once dream about.

I want to share my experience with other webcam models to help them save the time they spend doing online modeling from home. The first thing I want them to understand is that, paradoxically, in this profession, appearance is not essential. You don’t have to be beautiful to succeed, but you need a strong personality. In addition, you have to put more effort behind the camera than in front of it. What do I mean by that? I mean that training for this activity is more important than the work itself. Therefore, it’s better to work for a professional cam studio, whose experts can teach you a lot of things. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of your body, go to the gym every day, even for only 30 minutes, go to the hairdresser and buy cosmetics on a weekly basis and so on. Your personality is strongly related to your physical appearance, which must be the one of a glamorous celebrity, not one of the cashier in the supermarket.

Secondly, the efforts of the marketing and support team are very important for the success of a webcam model. Don’t get the wrong idea that you will join a live cam website and men will instantly beat down the door. It takes hard work to create professional and appealing profiles that arouse the interest of users. In order to earn a lot of money, you need a steady stream of members, otherwise you will fail miserably. A professional cam studio like Studio 20 knows exactly how to create and promote your personal brand so you can have success in the live cam industry and win prizes at international festivals.

I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Raquelle Diva and 3 years ago I started working as a webcam model for Studio 20. I won “Best Live Cam Model” at the YNOT Awards, in 2015, in Prague and “Best Studio Model” at the Live Cam Awards gala, in 2016, in Barcelona. I bought myself a house, a car and I have already started saving money for my own business, which will obviously be a cam studio powered by Studio 20.

Thus, online modeling is not just about a video camera, an internet connection and a webcam model willing to take her clothes off and perform erotic shows for paying members. Behind a successful cam girl lies not only a pretty face, but a premium cam studio, a lot of ambition and hard work. At Studio 20 you can also do non-nude online modeling, so you can also earn money with your clothes on!

If you want to be part of our team, call us now at 1-800-895-2052 or contact us by e-mail, at manager@studio20.live. Or simply use the contact form at the bottom of this page. If you have ambition and you want to succeed, this is the place for you!



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