Couples online modeling? Think again!

Couples online modeling? Think again!
There are currently several types of online modeling: from home or for a professional studio, single online modeling or couples, adult or non-adult, for women or for men. All these options can have a certain degree of success in the virtual world, but by far the most profitable type is the single online modeling in a studio that offers training, guiding and permanent support.

As for the adult/non-adult online modeling, it's true that the former is the most popular type, but at Studio 20, glamour models don't rely on nudity, only on their personal charm and intelligence, and they end up earning thousands of dollars each month and establishing an impressive fanbase. On the opposite end, the most detrimental type of online modeling is the couples version. As proof, the “couples” page on every site has the lowest traffic and registers low levels of activity. The online members' interest in this activity is low, and finding a partner to form a team with may be something that you would not be open to.

Thus, if you ever considered going toward the couples online modeling segment, you should know that this is definitely not the best option for an ambitious young woman that wants to be independent! Here's why:

1. Less revenue
Not only the members' interest for couples online modeling is lower than the interest shown for the single models but also the earnings are a downside because they are split in half. Just be honest with yourself! After spending 8 hours in front of the camera, how would you like it if the money you made were cut to half? If you chose this activity with the desire to make more money, not only from a passion that turned into a fetish, which we believe is not the case, we recommend avoiding the couples section! You have more chances to get noticed in this industry if you are all by yourself, being able to become an icon and having great chances at achieving the financial goals you set for yourself.

2. Tight schedule
Unlike those that opt for couples online modeling, as a single model you will definitely have more freedom in choosing a flexible working schedule. You will not have to depend on any point on your partner's schedule, thus being able to decide when and for how many hours you will work in a certain period, without any restraints. Don't forget that a flexible schedule is one of the benefits of online modeling so you will have the freedom to pursue other interests in your own time.

3. Possible legal issues
If online modeling as a single model is an activity that the law does not frown upon (even if you choose to take your clothes off or not), couples modeling is still in a “grey area”, because it can easily lead to pornography. That being said, if you want to avoid any financial, personal or legal issue, go for the single version of online modeling and choose a 100% legal modeling agency, like Studio 20!

If you're already a couple and want a better situation, you can each join a studio that offers singles modeling for women and men respectively. Also, if you both decide that it's better, you can choose a non-adult or glamour approach.


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