Dreams dictionary: here's what the most common dreams really mean!

Dreams dictionary: here's what the most common dreams really mean!
Sleeping in general, and dreaming in particular, are some of the biggest mysteries that science has yet to explain. Although it's clear that, during the night, we recharge our batteries, it's not entirely obvious how the body, and especially the brain, does it. And when it comes to our more or less conscious night thoughts, things get even more complicated. Do we dream about what we crave or about what we fear the most? About what we lack or who we secretly love? Our dictionary of dreams is here to explain! Without further ado, here's what it really means when something or someone appears in your thoughts during the night:

1. Having an affair - you want to escape from something (not necessarily your current relationship) and try something new (for example, a new job or a new personal challenge);

2. Being abducted by aliens - you are facing something unfamiliar or even hostile in your life at the moment (the first step, of course, is finding out more about this neglected aspect);

3. Being in an airport - it means that you are facing a time of transition or change (airports symbolize leaving old beliefs behind and being ready to start something new and exciting);

4. Dying in your dream - something in your life is coming to an end, but not your life itself, of course (however, try to remember how you react to death in your dreams, this is relevant);

5. Teeth falling out - it means that you no longer have the feeling of being in control, as teeth generally symbolize how powerful and confident you feel (you have to find the source that makes you lose confidence in real life);

6. Dreaming about birds - it means that you are hoping to hear from someone, about something important (in Nordic mythology, ravens are known for traveling the world and bringing important messages);

7. Losing a limb - it looks like you lack ability or mobility, not only literally, but also figuratively (you don't feel grounded on your path, or you feel completely stopped from it);

8. Being in an empty room - this suggests that you might have unexplored talents (spend some time thinking about them and trying different things, to find out what they are);

9. Losing control of your car - it means that you don't have enough control over your road to success (figuratively, in this case);

10. Missing a plane or a train - this translates into being overwhelmed by too many commitments (in this case, you should prioritize your activities and give up what's weighing you down).

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