Earnings in online modeling: here's how much you can earn at a top modeling agency

Earnings in online modeling: here's how much you can earn at a top modeling agency
The enthusiastic start in a new job can quickly be shadowed by a low salary, which can barely cover the rent, utilities and a minimum of comfort. Low wages are, generally, the main reason for which young people stop caring about how things go in a workplace and leave it for a better-paid one as soon as they get a chance. 

This being said, there's no wonder that online modeling has grown in popularity among young girls. The luxurious lifestyle, the financial independence and the fact that you can earn a good living by having fun determines more and more women to respond to webcam jobs. Judging by the many requests that we permanently receive on the company's email, we saw necessary to give detailed information regarding the earnings our models enjoy based on the experience: 

1. How much does a beginner model earn?

Generally, the earnings in this field vary. When we discuss earnings for Studio 20's online modeling team, the minimum amount that a model makes in a month is $1,000, but the maximum can go beyond $10,000. 

There is no recipe for success in this activity, but there are some things that you must take into account. The amount of money you earn monthly from online modeling depends on your seriousness, implication, optimism, and a constant effort and the amount of necessary time spent online. 

Other factors that can help a model earn better lean towards the marketing branch, such as earning a client's loyalty and the way that the modeling agency promotes the models. This is the reason why you should choose Studio 20. With over 18 years of experience in this industry and countless awards, Studio 20 is the first glamour online modeling agency in Romania and the first studio franchise in the world. Many times, the international press has written about Studio 20's success, making it an example for the whole industry to follow. 

To make sure starting models from Studio 20 team enjoy the highest earnings, we guarantee them, as well as seasonal models, high traffic procured by great marketing efforts and a monthly marketing budget of over $100,000. Furthermore, Studio 20 is the only online modeling agency in the world that received a Jasmin Gold Certificate. This translates into preferential working conditions and higher earnings for all our models. 

2. How much does a top model earn?

Those that think that online modeling money come easy are terribly wrong. This activity requires a lot of dedication and constant efforts to reach performance, yet it is not impossible. The top list of Studio 20's online modeling team can even reach earnings of $25,000 per month thanks to their experience, seriousness, implication, and ambition. 

In spite of the general opinion, personality is more important than looks in this activity. If you are cheerful, energetic, and a good listener, you'll certainly earn a lot more. Members appreciate authentic interaction and seek, most of the times, a confident that listens to them and offers the best advice. They are willing to pay top dollar for an escape from the daily routine and some time spent in a pleasant company, that makes them forget their problems and the daily issues.  

What many people don't know is that not just the earnings attract girls to online modeling, but also the extra benefits that Studio 20 offers: private medical and dental insurance, fidelity bonuses and free individual classes. The models can grow both personally and professionally, using the knowledge gained here in other instances in their lives. 

There's no doubt that you can become one of our most successful models if you listen to our trainers' advice, if you are serious and if you dedicate yourself to online modeling. In only 2-3 years of activity, you have the chance to buy your own car or house and you'll have the luxury life that you wanted. If you want to learn more about online modeling earnings or the activity itself, set up an interview with one of our representatives and come see with your own eyes how the best online modeling agency looks like! We can't wait to meet you!


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