These are some of the happiest possible moments in life. Have you experienced them so far?

These are some of the happiest possible moments in life. Have you experienced them so far?
One of the most important lessons you can learn at any time is that life is only 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. In other words, your attitude is much more important than what comes your way. The most significant difference between the two is that, while you don’t have anything to say about fate, you can control your thoughts and actions. However, it’s not always easy, but what keeps us all going is the happy and joyful side of our existence. This is why, for this article, we prepared a list of some of the happiest moments one could live, and we want to know how many of them you’ve encountered until now.

Of course, the list we prepared is not exhaustive, as happiness means different things and is expressed in various ways by people. Also, as you will see, it includes both small moments of joy, as well as truly outstanding experiences, that change you forever. The most crucial aspect is that the feeling we have in such moments should accompany us for a long time, even when we feel sadder or stressed. Without further ado, here is the list we picked – tell us in the comments section if you agree with us, and if you have something else to add:

1. Seeing your favorite artist or band live. If you already experienced this, you will understand, but if you didn’t, you have to take our word for it. Enjoying a concert from your favorite artist or band is completely different than listening to their songs on your headphones, in the intimacy of your room. Listening to your favorite songs at a blasting volume, together with thousands of other people, and seeing the original performers for the first time right in front of your eyes is truly mesmerizing;

2. Welcoming a new member to your family. Maybe you are too young to become a parent yourself, but if your sister, cousin, or even your mother gave birth to a new member of your family, the feeling you get is indescribable. Of course, the most important thing is that a new & healthy baby boy or girl is born, but metaphorically speaking, you are also celebrating life, hope, and the future itself. Even if kids are better when they turn 2 or 3 because they start talking and interacting more, nothing really compares to the wonderful moment of birth;

3. Getting served breakfast in bed. This might seem too small a gesture to even compare it with the first two, but the truth is that getting served breakfast in bed hides at least two or three other important aspects. First of all, you have that special somebody who is with you at all times, and willing to wake up before you and prepare you coffee plus something to eat. As you already know, they say that, if you love somebody, you should let them sleep. Secondly, if you are sleepy, the best way to start your day is to enjoy a few extra minutes in bed, while you sip your coffee or tea, and eat a fruit salad, or eggs on toast.


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