First time at a modeling agency? Here's what you might ask!

First time at a modeling agency? Here's what you might ask!
In over 18 years of experience, the Studio 20 team had the pleasure of meeting a great number of young girls eager to join the best online modeling agency in the world. During the conversations, they raised all sort of question marks, and a few of them appeared quite frequently. This is why we decided to dedicate an article to the frequently asked questions and the proper answers to those curiosities, giving you all the information you need in order to build a successful career at the largest online modeling agency in the world. 

A webcam model's daily activity within a professional modeling agency is subjected to every state's laws and regulations, just like any other job. One of the main reasons why Studio 20 managed to rise above the competition and be considered the best online modeling agency is the strict policy that this company has regarding legality. This being said, Studio 20 is among the few studios (or maybe the only one) in some countries that offer a real contract, an additional document for secure and transparent revenue that is signed once every two weeks, exceptional working conditions, and top-notch technical equipment. More than that, the monthly bonuses and the additional benefits will absolutely enchant you! Because many offers and ads in this field promise a lot and don't deliver, we thought you are entitled to some fair answers. 

Do I need to have a perfect body in order to work in a top online modeling agency?
Many girls come to the interview with this in mind, but a professional modeling agency will never choose a model exclusively by this trait. Studio 20 will emphasize your intelligence and seduction capabilities, so the important thing is the way that you present yourself in front of the camera and your personality, not your physique. This modeling agency's webcam team is really large (comprised of modeling teams from 18 different locations around the globe) and the models we work with are strong and confident women. 

How much can I earn? 
Every modeling agency promises fabulous earnings, but Studio 20 guarantees the fact that you will get rid of all the financial concerns from the very month you begin your activity here. In the first 3 months, the minimum guaranteed revenue is $1,000 per month, and then you can go on earning between $2,000 and $25,000 each month, based on your implication and the professionalism you show. These amounts that our webcam models enjoy are nothing else than the result of their hard work and dedication, and the quality of the training sessions delivered by our specialists. 

What's the working schedule?
It's obvious that substantial earnings in an online modeling agency depend on the time that you spend online, so you will have to work around 8 hours each day. You can, however, choose the interval that suits you best, between morning, noon or night shifts. 

What documents am I required to bring at the job interview? 
If you want to be part of our successful team, you need nothing more than your ID. We do not ask for resumes, letters of recommendation or any other documents of this sort. The only thing that an online modeling agency needs to be sure of is that you are over 18 years of age. 

How can I tell if an offer is real? 
The benefits that you can enjoy when working at a prestigious online modeling agency can be well above the standard working conditions in any other field, so many young girls that visit us are still doubtful. This is why we offer you the possibility to see with your own eyes that the largest online modeling agency in the world always keeps its promises to the models. 

If you think that a professional online modeling agency's activity suits you, we can't wait to meet you and have a casual chat!  


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