Let's talk about music! A topic that will keep you and your members entertained for hours

Let's talk about music! A topic that will keep you and your members entertained for hours
Did you already talk to your member about your favorite movies? Did you impress him with your skills in his native language? Have you even tried Big Talk, role-playing, or a game of Truth or Dare? In these circumstances, it would seem that you wasted all your possible topics with him and now you will be bored and only appeal to small talk. Unless there is a subject that everybody loves and that will most likely keep you and your member entertained for hours. Don't think of anything sexual since we are talking about a strictly non-adult modeling agency! Yes, you are right, we are referring to music.

Nobody hates music, even though some people love it more than others, but there isn't a single being in this whole wide world that isn't moved by at least one song. Of course, this is where the differences begin: some people consider music what others don't, everybody likes a different style and a specific artist, but we can all resonate when we think of our favorite song. Even though words can't express it, the feeling of listening to it, again and again is deep inside our hearts and minds and feels almost touchable.

Did we give you a suggestion that you will use from now on with your members? Just imagine the scenario: after consuming all the topics listed above, after a short moment of silence, you should ask your member “what is his favorite song?”. You will see his eyes open, his pupils dilate and his mouth turn into a big smile. You can be sure that he loves being asked this question and he might seem perplexed for 5 or 10 seconds before giving you a definitive answer. After all, we can assure you that he was asked this question before and he will be more than happy to answer it again - it might just be hard to pick only one song.

Basically, we can say that, as a topic, music is the opposite of football, religion and politics. While all four subjects incite almost everybody, only the discussion about music will be not at all tense. The other three divide people like almost nothing else, while music unites them and helps them connect to a deeper level. This is exactly what you should achieve with your member, in order to convince him to spend as much time as possible in the conversation with you.

Apart from asking your member what his favorite song or artist is, you can be curious if he can sing as well, or if he can play a musical instrument. Other questions you might be surprised to know the answer to are the following: "Can you concentrate on other things when you are listening to music?", "Do you have an expensive stereo system?" or "What do you think about the classical genre?". Generally, the rule is that, after each question you ask, you should answer the same one or let your member ask you something else. You will have lots of fun and you will form a unique bond with him!


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