The most common misconceptions about being a webcam model

The most common misconceptions about being a webcam model
Many of today's young women want to become models, so they want to try webcam jobs. However most of them don't do this because of the lack of information that currently exists on the market. They fear the old mentality of people, the thought that a webcam job is not really a legal activity or that they will suffer from a professional perspective later. Therefore, we decided to clarify the most common Misconceptions about what it really means to become a webcam model.

1. A webcam model is not a prostitute. Many people still associate this activity with human traffic, when in fact it is an artistic activity. Just like a production studio sells an entertainment program to a television the same way a cam studio sells a private show to live cam websites.

2. Live cam is a legal business. Few models know that a webcam model that works in a professional cam studio like Studio 20 has a legal labor contract and additional addendums every two weeks, when they collect money from their modeling. Our company pays taxes, is fair and transparent and is often portrayed in the media as a model of integrity.

3. You earn $1,000 in the first month. This happens even if you have no experience. Later, after you go through a training, you will notice that you may earn $3000-5000 every month. And if you persevere and do the necessary work, you can even reach, and exceed, $10,000 a month, the same as our top webcam models, awarded at international festivals. It is very important to be motivated, optimistic and relaxed and to keep in your mind the recommendations of our team experts.

4. No one will know what you're doing. If you're interested in becoming a cam girl, but you don't want to give too many explanations to your acquaintances, Studio 20 guarantees your confidentiality. In addition, you will not work under your real name, but under a nickname. Our employees will never reveal your identity to third parties.

5. Online modeling in a professional cam studio is more profitable than the one done from home. Here, you have an entire team that supports you all the time and which offers you the opportunity to perform like a professional webcam model. In addition, you get very sophisticated and modern decors, equipment and technical support of the highest quality.

6. No need to look perfect to become a webcam model. It’s absolutely normal that webcam models look different because tastes are never the same. Some men prefer provocative women, while others want to meet an angelic face with a coy demeanor. Some want to talk with full figure cam girls, while others want to relax in the company of a skinny woman. It‘s important to trust your power of seduction and to highlight your best qualities.



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