​Studio 20 offers webcam jobs to aspiring girls

​Studio 20 offers webcam jobs to aspiring girls
Studio 20 is one of the few cam studios in Los Angeles that complies with the legislation and operates at the highest international standards. We are proud of receiving the most important awards won at live cam festivals from Las Vegas, Prague, Barcelona, ​​Mamaia and Cartagena, in Colombia. We want to welcome you in our successful team, so contact one of our representatives today for the best webcam jobs in Los Angeles!

Studio 20 offers contracts for artists and performers and access to legal documents, so every webcam model can have an accurate picture of this activity. The documents will be signed immediately after the interview and they will stipulate the rights and obligations of each party involved. The cam models receive a copy, and once every two weeks, when the payment is made, we will issue an addendum, in which we will specify the amounts obtained from each live cam website. Earnings from the webcam jobs will be transferred into your bank account, by the company with which you signed the initial contract. You have to be very careful if you hear that other cam studios pay cash or by various cards (especially Payoneer and Paxum) or that transfer money from companies outside the country. They are not reliable because they avoid paying taxes to the state budget, and you risk being accused of tax evasion.

Studio 20 will offer specialized training in webcam jobs so that each webcam model can learn everything she needs to increase her revenue constantly.

Why choose Studio 20 over other cam studios in Los Angeles:

1. 100% legal activity. Studio 20 is a law-abiding cam studio. We assure you of our transparency and fairness in order for us to have a profitable long-term cooperation.

2. Big earnings. This cam studio helps you earn a lot of money. Our most famous cam girls can reach $10.000 on a monthly basis and enjoy a luxurious life. They can afford to buy a car and a place of their own in just a few years, not to mention exotic holidays or plastic surgery.

3. Work contract. This assures you that our cam studio’s activity is regulated by the state and that you have rights, but also obligations.

4. Flexible schedule. Unlike other webcam jobs where you earn lots of money, but where you have to work many hours a day and to give up your personal life, at Studio 20, you will benefit from flexible working hours, with shifts in the morning, in the afternoon or at night which allows you to have time for studies, family, friends and hobbies.

5. Bonuses and prizes. Constantly, we reward our best webcam models, but also those who are at the start of their career and demonstrate commitment, seriousness and ambition.

6. Specialized training. The team of trainers is one of the best in the world. Our cam models are constantly awarded at international live cam festivals and earn up to $10,000 monthly.

7. Glamour online modeling. Studio 20 offers webcam jobs where nudity is prohibited. Glamour online modeling is a form of non nude online modeling, with high earnings, just like in the adult entertainment industry.

The only requirements for these webcam jobs are for you to be between 18 and 40 years, have a pleasant appearance, basic knowledge of English and willingness to succeed financially. Studio 20 has proved over time that it’s the best choice for any webcam model who wants a successful professional career.


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