Have you considered working this Christmas? Here are the benefits!

Have you considered working this Christmas? Here are the benefits!
It's the beginning of December again, that time of the year when everybody wonders what they will do for Christmas and New Year's Eve. However, this year everything is different due to the pandemic that changed the world. Restaurants and shopping malls will be closed, the traditional concerts won't take place anymore, and our elder relatives will be afraid to be visited by us. In these conditions, it's highly improbable that these holidays will be memorable, so at least they should be profitable!

When was the last time you worked on Christmas and New Year's Eve? At first, this proposal doesn't seem very tempting, but just think about the benefits! If you take a vacation, what will you do? Traveling is limited, visiting friends could be restricted, and shopping sprees are out of the discussion. You would just stay home all day, sleep, watch TV, and spend your holidays doing nothing. Instead, you can be proactive and offer to work when nobody else wants. Just imagine your manager's reaction! Your devotion will certainly not be forgotten when it comes to bonuses.

Not to mention your members! They will be more than happy to see a familiar face and talk to you when they feel the loneliest, during the holiday season. Since you work in a non-adult modeling agency, you most certainly know that the majority of your members are single or feeling alone, and the holiday season can be the toughest for people like them. Therefore, it will be a win-win situation: you will make more money while actively spending the holidays, while they will be happy to share their feelings with one of the people they admire the most. Last but not least, you could use the income from this period to travel next year when most restrictions could be lifted.

The topic of working during the holidays has been addressed on a private forum dedicated to cam girls. "I think I will work during Christmas and New Year's Eve, I heard paychecks during this period are much larger. What do you think about it?", Emma asked. "Yes, I think the same, I will work too! I've noticed that during the holiday season, the traffic is better and sincerely I think you should try it too, girls! Anyway, with the current situation, there is nowhere to go, especially if there will be a new lockdown", Jessyca confirmed.

Some of the other girls replying to this particular thread, such as Amada, Despina, and Nina, haven't considered working on holidays, but they could change their minds. Especially since all of them admit they don't have any plan for Christmas and New Year's Eve. "I really don't know what to do, this period depressed me", Nina said. "I'm in the same situation, I don't have any plan yet", Amada confirmed. "I don't dare to make any plans. It's good if you don't have any plans, at least you won't be disappointed", Despina concluded.


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