The biggest red flags from members and how to avoid them!

The biggest red flags from members and how to avoid them!
Men will be men, and even though they know you work in a strictly non-adult cam studio, you can bet they will still try to flirt with you, meet you, and have other types of relations with you. It's in their nature and they can't control their instincts, but they can control their behavior. However, sometimes things can get out of hand, and this is when you should act immediately. In this article, we will teach you what to do and what to say when your members are too dominated by testosterone.

1. When he talks only about your body. As you already know, some of the most important qualities for being a successful non-adult online model are the following: being empathetic, having great communication skills and general knowledge, being able to put yourself in somebody else's shoes, and being an active listener. However, some members will only be interested in your body: they will compliment your face (especially the hair, eyes, and lips), your legs, your curves, and other parts that send a sexual message.

At first, you should thank him for being cute and kind, but if he insists, you should tell him to stop. If he doesn't, you should talk to your superiors and find technical or even legal ways to stop him.

2. When he says he wants to meet you. This is a giant red flag and it should be handled completely differently than the first situation. If your member tells you from the start that he wants to meet you, you should explain to him that, first of all, you don't want it, and secondly, the strict policy of the cam studio doesn't allow it. You should tell him that you use a pseudonym and he doesn't have a way to find out your real name.

However, if during one of your private sessions, he calls you by your real name, intentionally or not, you should block him immediately. Maybe it was just a lucky guess, but maybe he got this kind of information from somewhere. In any case, you have to report it to your superiors, and maybe even to the police, for your safety.

3. When he shares something bad from his past. If during your private sessions, one of the members shares a piece of information that you find intriguing or disturbing, you should trust your feminine intuition. For example, if he says that he beat one of his ex-girlfriends, robbed someone, or even worse, you should laugh and apparently take it as a joke, but deep down worry and think of how you can get rid of him.

Remember that, even if you work with an online modeling agency, which is a business that always wants to prosper more and more, your safety is the most important thing. These are just three red flags you can observe at your members, but we are sure you have more examples. Just remember to take care and always interact most with the members that are polite.


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