Two truths and a lie, one of the best games to play with your members!

Two truths and a lie, one of the best games to play with your members!
Getting to know your members is crucial in non-adult online modeling since you aren't allowed to get undressed or engage in any type of sexual activity. Therefore, you must spend time with them in an entertaining way, enticing them to join your public and private sessions. However, sometimes the first interactions can be a bit boring or too formal, going from "Tell me about yourself" to "What do you like to do in your spare time?". To make things more exciting, you could propose playing a fun game, such as Two truths and a lie. If you haven't heard of it or played it before, read this article and you will find out everything about it!

Two truths and a lie is as simple as its name suggests: you and your member take turns stating three sentences about yourselves, two of which are true, and one false. For example: "I only have one cousin" / "I grew up across from a farm" / "My first job was at a restaurant". Little does your member know that you grew up in the city, with your favorite cousin, and your first job was at a famous fast-food chain. Or does he? Try him! It's interesting to see how the dynamic of this game changes with time, as it will become increasingly difficult to lie to your member since you'll get to know each other better!

Of course, if he doesn't know the game very well or it's the first time he plays it, you could go for three or four rounds before giving him a chance to surprise you with two truths and a well-disguised lie. Talking about well-disguised lies, a common, but effective strategy is to never say the lie last because you will tend to exaggerate and your partner will realize it. Instead, begin with the lie or make a "truth sandwich", as in the example above, where you go truth - lie - truth. This way, the false statement will be much harder to spot.

Another important aspect you should know is that you should keep all sentences at around the same level of credibility. For example, if you say "I like chocolate" / "I have eight brothers" / "I've never been to the Moon", there's a 99.9% chance that your member will choose the second sentence as the false one since it's highly unlikely. However, if you happen to have a big family, but you are allergic to everyone's favorite sweets, the combination above is guaranteed to give you a lead in this entertaining game.

As you already know, if you follow this blog, it's not the first time we suggest playing different games with your members. In the past, we wrote about Truth or Dare, Never have I ever, and The one rule game. Pick your favorite, together with your members, and have fun for hours with them in the public or private sessions. Or, if you want to get to the next level in terms of spiritual and emotional connection, you could try Big Talk - the game with simple questions and intricate answers. Have fun!


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